Mail clients reconfigured

The imap and pop3 daemon used by various mail clients to read e-mail messages from the University’s mail server have been reconfigured. The have been assigned to seperate network interfaces.

one interface as been assigned on-campus imap traffic
one interface as been assigned on-campus pop3 traffic
one interface as been assigned off-campus imap & pop3 traffic

These daemons also have been assigned new ssl certificates by the University’s certificate authority.

Vlan Expansion

The Micros Server and cash registers were moved into a separate vlan on October 28, 2003 in an attempt to overcome system problems. The cash registers were having problems operating on-line in the congested Wheelock subnet. After some period of time, the cash registers would lock up, failing to process transactions.

The cash registers connection to the Micros Server seems much more stable now that they are in a separate vlan with a much smaller broadcast domain.

Vlan Implementation

On October 17, 2003, the network in Trimble Hall was divided into two vlans. Vlan 116 contains all the Resnet ports while Vlan 100 contains the public ports located in the Forum and Seminar Rooms. The uplink from Trimble to the Core router was converted from a Layer 3 routed port to a Layer 2 Vlan Switched port. This configuration will be the prototype for the rest of the campus network.