Internet Outage

Our ISP, Integra, was having some issues last night between 8:10pm and 9:46pm. I called ELI to have them look into the problem. Mark and I came onsite to assist. The problem was resolved by Integra who reset the connection interface on their end. I have not seen any further issues occurring.

1/23/2008 Merlin2 Freezing Events

Merlin2 froze twice around the noon hour today. Indications are that it is a hardware issue that shows up under load, but so far no part of the hardware appears to be malfunctioning, and no pertinent events have been logged. This issue will be resolved by the replacement of the Merlin2 hardware in mid-February.

In the meantime, everyone has been advised to copy documents to workstations while they are being worked on, to minimize the chance of data loss.