Messages Quarantined Before 9:00 AM Unavailable on Web 4/27/2009

Spam messages quarantined prior to 9:00 AM on April 27, 2009, are no longer available on the PureMessage Web site due to the domain name change which took effect at that time. Messages arriving after 9:00 AM will be available as usual.

If you need messages quarantined before this time, please contact the HelpDesk at or x8585.

[Completed] E-mail Addresses and URLS Updated in Cascade 4/27/2009

As part of the domain change project, e-mail addresses and URLs stored in the Cascade database have been updated from “” to “”. New account provisioning has also been updated accordingly.

The directory and most web applications display the new addresses and URLs. A few remaining Web applications will be changed in the coming week.

Whidbey certificate expired but purposely not renewed

I have the valid certificate ready but not installed for the following reasons.

  1. There should be no known application using the Certificate.
  2. In the past, the Certificate has been renewed, not knowing it’s used or not, just for the precaution.
  3. Before not renewing anymore, I need to make sure the Certificate is not really used by any of the applications.

[Resolved] Incoming E-mail Disrupted

[Update 04/21/2009 03:17 PM] E-mail service has been restored. All mail will be delivered shortly.

Mail inbound to has been disrupted. We are working to restore service. No mail has been lost, and all mail will be delivered. We will update you as soon as possible.

Reports Server bounced

Cascade and FAMIS users reported issues receiving their reports that are run through the reports server. Users received an error message saying that job ###### wouldn’t run. When we looked in the reports server (past jobs), that particular job_id did not show up (it was a future job_id!).

Resolution: bounced reports server

[Resolved] CRM database error, a couple mass emails adversely affected

A database error occurred in CRM about 11:30 am on 4/15/2009. DST was alerted to the problem, a table that was unable to extend, and fixed it about noon. A couple of email campaigns were in-progress and were adversely affected:
1. A message from the President’s office going to faculty, staff and students was sent out twice, but the records indicated it only went out once.
2. A message that was being created by Admission was in the middle of generating the target group and got stuck there. Every attempt to resolve it failed so the solution was to copy the schedule without the target group, re-create the target group and then the email was sent out successfully.

Mil9ip Instance Performance Tuning

Performed Mil9ip tuning on 4/7/2008, based the test on mildemo instance with Sean Vincent.  According to Sean, this tuning improved the performance of Millennium dramatically.  The tuning includes the follwing changes in the parameter file.

·         optimizer_mode=FIRST_ROWS from CHOOSE

·         increased shared_pool_size, pga_aggregate_target size, and sga_max_size

mail attribute no longer synced from OID to AD

AD must have sole control of its “mail” attribute to properly provision e-mail accounts. OID –> AD synchronization had included this, and the provisioning system (privcmd) had been filling this with any known e-mail address. This prevented new pugetsound domain accounts from being enabled when the e-mail address was not in the domain, as is the case for most new students.

The mapping file was changed to no longer update the “mail” attribute when synchronizing from OID to AD.