Serious Ingeniux outage

Today the pages on the main university web server began to fail due to problems with the Ingeniux CMS system. The CMS system itself could not be started to correct this issue. As a result, the contents on the CMS had be restored from backup. Unfortunately, changes made to the website from within the CMS may have been lost. If you have lost content, it may be possible to restore it. Please contact Jean Huskamp at x3773 for more information.

Internet performance issues

We are experiencing reduced round trip times to the internet. This is effecting browsing and downloading of files. I am working with Cisco to find the cause and resolve it as soon as possible. You may notice messages when trying to browse to some websites “unable display page”. We are experiencing unusually heavy data traffic, which has brought these issues to the surface. We will work through the problems and keep you posted.