E-mail problem: 5550 5.3.0 Can’t create output

Some user reported this morning the inability to send messages to users. They received a common error,

Final-Recipient: RFC822; username@ups.edu
X-Actual-Recipient: RFC822; username@ups.edu
Action: failed
Status: 5.3.0
(reason: Can’t create output)

This error was the result of poor deactivation of the quotaing system. The quota system had been turned off, but not removed from the fstab file. When the system was rebooted yesterday, the quota system was re-enabled and locked account in excess of their time limit. This issue has been corrected.

Network upgrade

The planned OS upgrade of core network equipment on Sunday was not as smooth as planned. Two systems had difficulty with the upgrade and required a reboot: the mail server, and the Oracle development server. Otherwise, the upgrade was a success.

As a result of the problem, we have a better understanding of the upgrade process for future upgrades.

Added a redirect in /.htaccess

Added to /.htaccess in www.ups.edu

Redirect /sciencecenter http://sciencecenter.ups.edu/

This is in support of an awareness campaign in which the address www.ups.edu/sciencecenter is in use. This will allow the includes to work at all levels without a major reworking of the site.

Packeteer Fails

The Packeteer failed on 12/15/04. In fact, it’s been failing for the past few months with a hard drive problem, but today, it went down hard. Packeteer is shipping a new unit to arrive 12/17/04. Until then, the traffic on our internet is uncontrolled.