Lenel video server rebooted

Security reported problems viewing the Lenel security cameras at approximately 11:30am. The camera windows would appear to open, but there was a problem with connecting to the server. The video server was rebooted at approximately 12:45pm. This corrected the problem.

Blackboard 6.1 Problems I

There have been intermittent problems with the new Blackboard 6.1 server, starting this past weekend. At random intervals the server returns a “500 Internal Server Error”. This can happen on any page.

Blackboard service has been called, and is looking into the problem now.

Blackboard Upgrade

The Blackboard server will be unavailable starting at midnight, Monday, 17 May. During this time, OIS staff will upgrade the existing server from Blackboard version 5.5.1 to version 6.1. Three days have been reserved for the upgrade process: 17, 18, and 19 May. Blackboard services will be restored by midnight, 20 May, but may be restored sooner. Check the OIS maintenance site for details during the upgrade window.