Telephone System Upgrade Scheduled 8/27/10

On Friday, August 27, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, we will upgrade the campus telephone system to provide more robust, redundant service. During this time, calls into or out of campus have a small possibility of being dropped. If this occurs, please re-dial your call. On-campus calls should not experience any problems. For questions or concerns, please contact Telephone Services at

Integra Internet Outage

We experienced an intermittent service interuption with our Integra Telecomm circuit this morning starting at 8:50am until approximately 8:45am.  The cause was an aggrigation router in Renton.  We observed random ping times and drops until the repair was made.  I believe traffic was passing but slow and unreliably.   The repair is complete and everything is back in service.

[Resolved] Intermittent Disruptions on Residential Internet 8/24/10

[Update 9:10 AM] Service has been restored. Please notify the Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or if any further issues arise.

We are working with Integra, our Internet service provider for the residential network on campus, to resolve some intermittent service disruptions experienced this morning. We will provide an update when this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

[Resolved] Campus Internet Connection Temporarily Unavailable 8/20/10

[Update 12:30 PM] Facilities and the School of Music experienced a disruption of Internet service which has been resolved.

[Upddate 10:30 AM] Internet service has been restored to campus. We appreciate your patience!

The university’s Internet connection is temporarily unavailable. We are working to assure service is restored as soon as possible and will post updates as they become available.

Integra Internet Circuit work scheduled

Integra will be working on installing a new Internet circuit on 8/13/2010 from 6:30am-8:00am intermittent outages are expected, which will only effect the internet browsing on the resnet side of the campus.

Integra circuit is back in operation with minor issues on the Integra side.  We will have to arrange another appointment to finish the upgrade.  07:45am  08/13/2010.

No Maintenance Window for August

Since many important campus activities begin near the end of August, all campus technology services will remain available throughout our normal “last Sunday of the month” maintenance window.  Again, all services will be available all day Sunday August 29th.

Cascade Release 10.9 – 09.08.2010

Cascade Release 10.9 is planned for September 8, 2010. This release will include the following features and fixes:

  • Add Incomplete Highlight to Advisor Rosters (tracker CAS-3)
  • Add Campus Address to Advisor Rosters (tracker CAS-5)
  • Enhance Employee Race & Ethnicity Reporting (tracker CAS-7)
  • Allow Self-Service Update of Preferred Name (tracker CAS-78)