TS Outage Update: PeopleSoft Planned Refreshes [COMPLETE]

This is a status update from Technology Services about our scheduled PeopleSoft Maintenance Refreshes 

  • Our scheduled PeopleSoft refreshes are complete.
  • This pertains to the following environments:
    • PA91DEV, CS90DEV, FN92DEV, HR92DEV
    • PA91TST, FN92TST, HR92TST, CS90TST

Need more info? Email TS-PMO@pugetsound.edu

TS Outage Update: PeopleSoft Planned Refreshes

This is a status update from Technology Services about our scheduled PeopleSoft Maintenance Refreshes 

  • The following environments have been refreshed and are online:
    • PA91DEV, CS90DEV, FN92DEV, HR92DEV
    • PA91TST, FN92TST, HR92TST
  • Please note that the CS90TST environment remains unavailable as TS completes the refresh.

TS will communicate once CS90TST is complete.

Need more info? Email TS-PMO@pugetsound.edu

Fieldhouse and Aquatics Network Unavailable Due to Scheduled Facilities Maintenance 01/13/2017 [completed]

[completed 3:00pm]

Facilities has completed their work.

Facilities is performing scheduled electric maintenance in the Fieldhouse. This means all network-related services (phone, internet, wifi) will be unavailable until the power is back on.

Thank you for your patience.

[Resolved] Logon Issue

A number of university systems were adversely impacted by a time synchronization issue. Correct time synchronization plays a key role in authentication across various systems and an incorrect date from a US Navy time source disrupted authentication. We have changed our servers to synchronize from another time source which has resolved the problem.

If you are still experiencing logon issues, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or servicedesk@pugetsound.edu.

K20 Internet resolution


 CURRENT EVENT START  : 12/13/10 22:22 PST

CURRENT EVENT STOP   : 12/14/10 16:18 PST


  This notice is being sent to all K-20 customers.

  The network outage involving WSIPC (and serveral other nearby K-20 sites) appears to have been fixed as of 16:18 this evening.  The circuit provider ran a new section of fiber cable around the broken portion to bring them back up.  We do not yet know whether that new fiber path is temporary or permanent.  (If it’s temporary, there may be a planned outage in the future when they move the circuits back to the original fiber.)

  WSIPC’s DNS servers are answering DNS queries again.  Their other services should be back up too.


K20 Network Operations                  Network Operations Center

noc@wa-k20.net                                     888-934-5551


                     DETAILED OUTAGE HISTORY

 K20 Area Wide

  FIRST DOWN: 12/13/10 22:22

 LAST UP: 12/14/10 16:18 PST

 TOTAL DOWN TIME: 17 hours 56 minutes


    12/13/10 22:22 – 12/14/10 16:18 PST

[Resolved] Cascade Web application server is unavailable

[Update 3/19/09 4:20 PM] Services have been restored. The application services were stopped and restarted. Root cause analysis in underway.

The application server that hosts Cascade is currently unavailable. Other services impacted are Cascade, Portal, Discoverer, CRM, and Views Flash Survey. TS is aware of the problem and it is being investigated.

Commvault Updates

I have upgraded all the servers running Commvault to Service Pack 3.

Here is the timetable of updates:





























Email Problems

There were reports last night and this morning that user were having problems connecting to webmail. The problem appears to be linked to the Sophos PureMessage software and the timing of the quarantine digest messages and the slow disk array.

We updated our PureMessage configuration to send on digest messages instead of having each server send individual messages. The result being that all the messages hit the mail server and the same time and overwhelmed it with e-mail and client access with the start of the business day.

We are modifying the interval for digest messages from twice a day to once per day and moving the time to 1:30 am each morining.