It appears that the Ingeniux application build that we installed in early December (the version with support for IE 7) is much less tolerant of multiple attributes with the same name. The system error is very specific:

ERRORCODE: 0xc00cee3c
REASON: No attribute name may appear more than once in the same start tag or empty element tag.

In this instance, as in another case in late December, the offending attribute name is “NewWindow.” Since this attribute is used in a global export, I have, on the advice of Jason at Ingeniux, commented out lines 1178 and 1434 of, which should resolve this problem.

If this error recurs we’ll have to look for a different export and fix that one as well.

February 1st – PureMessage Problems

Due to a problem with an update to the system that was done almost one year ago, the PureMessage quarantine has not been properly expiring, causing a buildup of SPAM messages in the quarantine and an inflation of the PM database. This caused the system to apparently “hold back” certain messages, generally ones that originated from listservs.

In order to correct this issue, we are currently running processes that will properly expire and reindex the quarantine and the metadata in the database. As this proceeds, the held back messages are delivered. Users will see the appearance of old emails in their inboxes. The number of affected messages seems small. Most people are not seeing any old messages appear, but many are. AS stated above, most of the affected messages appear to be from listservs and email subscription services.