Access to Vashon restricted

In preparation for the Millenium upgrade, access to Vashon’s web server was restricetd to the main and McIntyre subnets.

Access to Ketron, which had been restricted to the above subnets, was opened to include all subnets.

Micros Server Adjustments

The Micros server, which controls the cash registers in the CBORD One-card system, ran out of disk space on the C: drive, causing serveral services to crash. This in turn caused the cash registers to go offline.

The pagefile was split among the C: and D: drives in the folowing manner: 500 MB on C: and 1 GB on D:, and serveral temp files and an old log file were deleted.

The NT backup was moved from 3:30 AM to 2:30 AM, because it was not finishing before opening time for the cafe and diner.

Modified network interfaces on mail server

On Monday, November 3 between noon and 1pm, the ce interfaces on the University mail server were reset to 100 MB full duplex along with ports 13 and 15 on mc007#2 switch. The port statistics on the switch were also reset.

As a result there have been zero collisions to date on either port of the switch, and user unknown errors have decreased.

Vlan Expansion

The Micros Server and cash registers were moved into a separate vlan on October 28, 2003 in an attempt to overcome system problems. The cash registers were having problems operating on-line in the congested Wheelock subnet. After some period of time, the cash registers would lock up, failing to process transactions.

The cash registers connection to the Micros Server seems much more stable now that they are in a separate vlan with a much smaller broadcast domain.