Recent Ingeniux issues and actions

Thursday, May 10

I Installed version 5.250 on webserver2. Barbara and I subsequently tested the current Macintosh client against this version and found that a significant number of our issues were resolved.

The design-time server was serving the admin client to all users. Recycling the app pools in IIS restored the serving of the author client.

Thursday, May 17

I performed the stop IIS – delete dependency graphs – start IIS – full site publish sequence. The entiresitepub folder contains 8218 objects.

Friday May 18

The CMS was sluggish in responding to page check out and in. There was an error on the server, which I restarted.

Week of May 21

System continues to be unresponsive at times. Simply restarting IIS seems to resolve the issue.

May 24

Some pages were returning a 500 error on the live site. Restoring from the backup on webserver2 was ineffective as the same errors were replicated there. The error-clearing sequence mentioned above resolved the issue, although it took somewhat more than an hour to fully resolve.