{Network} Todd/Phibbs Hall Internet Outage, November 15 @ 12:00p

This is an announcement from Technology Services (TS). Please see details below.

Network: Todd/Phibbs Hall Internet Outage

Wednesday, November 15, beginning at 12:00p

Technology Services is replacing an old emergency power supply in the Todd-Phibbs residence hall. This will impact both wired and wireless connections to the Internet. Downtime is not expected to be more than ~8 minutes.


For more information on Technology Services’ Incident Communication Plan or to view a list of our Critical Systems and definitions, please visit our Service Announcements page on the Puget Sound website.


To opt out from receiving these messages in the future, please go to mailweb.pugetsound.edu/mailman/listinfo/tscommunications and follow the Unsubscribe options in the TScommunications Subscriber section. For support questions please contact the TS Service Desk via phone at 253-879-8585.


Network Maintenance – McIntyre/Wheelock [COMPLETE]

UPDATE 11/3/2016 8:00am

Network Services has restored network functionality to all campus buildings.

UPDATE 11/3/2016 ~5:00am

Network Services is aware of a partial campus outage and working toward resolving the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Networking will be replacing some equipment between 4am and 6am on November 3rd, 2016.  This work will cause intermittent network outages including data, wireless and phones.

Buildings to be impacted:  Wheelock and McIntyre.

Wheelock is also a main network distribution point and the following buildings/homes and will also be effected:

  • Administrative/Staff Buildings: PCS, Security, Communications, Kittredge, Ceramics, Student Diversity, Faculty, SDC, SDJ
  • Student Homes:  All student homes on Lawrence and east of Lawrence

We appreciate your for your patience as we work to improve network reliability.

-Network Services

Houdini DNS Server Moved to VMware

The primary DNS server for the University, houdini (internal: and loanshark-main.ups.edu (external: has moved from a physical server to a VMware VM as of 10 AM on 5/20/2010.  All tests show good results and no problems are expected.

Server Orion Retired

The server known as Orion is no longer available for general use and should be considered retired.  Currently it is completely unavailable, but will be relocated to the Science Center for Computer Science use only.  Orion previously served NTP (time) services for the University in addition to Computer Science use.

[Complete] Mailing List Outage 12/22/09

Update at 4:30 PM — All testing was successful, migration completed.

Updated at 3:30 PM — All changes have been made and lists should be fully available once again, but we are continuing to test and verify all is working properly.

On Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 between noon and 5:00 PM, email lists hosted on listhost.ups.edu will be moved to a new server.  During this time new email sent to email lists will be held until the service migration is complete.  If possible, please do not post messages to email lists during this time.

Refer back to this post on Tuesday for updated information.

[Completed] www2.ups.edu Migration 8/14/09 6:30-7:30am

Updated at 8:30am, 8/14/2009:

Migration completed by 7:30am and post migration testing completed successfully.

On the morning of Friday August 14th from 6:30am to 7:30am some small, intermittent, outages might occur on the web server www2.ups.edu.  www2.ups.edu also houses sites such as library.ups.edu and blogs.ups.edu.  All these sites might be unavailable for 5-10 minutes during this hour of migration.

[Complete] Sophos SPAM Quarantine Offline 8/7/09 6:30-9:00am

Updated 8/7/09 at 10:45am:

Sophos systems are back up and operational.  Unfortunately the maintenance planned had to be backed out, so we will need to re-apply the changes at a future date/time.

Updated 8/7/09 at 10:00am:

We are still experiencing problems with the update.  Please stand by for more information.

Updated 8/7/09 at 8:15am:

We experienced some difficulty during maintenance and we expect the window to extend until 9:30am at this time.  All services should be up by 10am; sorry for the inconvenience.

On the morning of Friday, August 7th from 6:30 – 9:30am users will not be able to access their quarantined spam messages on sophos.ups.edu.  During this time all email messages into and out of the University will continue to flow normally and any spam messages captured during this time may be retrieved after 9am.

This outage is necessary to make performance improvements to this very busy system.

Whitney Retired

The Windows 2000 server known as Whitney was retired today at 2:13pm.  It is not known to be used anymore, but writting this entry just in case something is dependant on it and breaks after today.  A special one-time commvault backup was done, written to tape 104L3 with 365 days retention.

[Resolved] CX400 Battery Replacement Tuesday February 17th, 5:30AM

On February 17th from 5:30-6AM batteries in our EMC CX400 Disk Array will be replaced.  This is a fully redundant system and no outage is expected.  However, as with any change, there is always a risk of outage.  If a problem arises with the change, the following services may be impacted:

Database Services (FAMIS, Banner, Millennium, etc.)

Please note that Cascade will not be affected.