5/30 – License problems with the FTP server on www2

Sometime during the weekend, the ftp server on www2 decided that its license had expired. Until a new license could be obtained, the standard ftp server (wu-ftpd) was run. This led to some slow response (wu-ftpd operates under the xinetd master daemon) for much of the day. The vendor provided a new license key at 4:30 PM. This was installed, and ftp service was restored to normal.

5/24 – MERLIN2 failure

Merlin2 became unresponsive to fileshare access today at 5:30 PM. The console was still responding, and we were able to log on. Access to the disk arrays appeared to be impaired – we were unable to list the disks or view their contents. No pertinent events were logged in the Event Log. The system was rebooted, and was back to normal.

We have made an adjustment to the antivirus software (changed vendors), and will keep monitoring.