Trimble Fiber Fails

Security reported Saturday night that the connectivity to Trimble Hall had failed. Several of the residents also reported that the Internet connection had been lost.

Trouble shooting revealed that one of the two fiber strands between McIntyre and Trimble had failed. The service was moved to another pair of fibers and service was restored about 9:30 PM Saturday, April 26th.

Account Management in ACADEMIA Fails III

We attempted to reset RID attributes in Active Direcory for the ACADEMIA domain with the Java-based LDAP browser. Unfortunately, these attributes are read-only and can only be modified by the SYSTEM account.

We decided that we should bring another domain controller online in order to transfer or sieze RID master operations. It was my hope that the presence of another domain controller would force the RID master to issue another pool of RIDs, and clear the problem.

The only real candidate for promotion to domain controller was SCYLD. I obtained permission from Math/CS to promote SCYLD.

Firewall hangs

During a modification of the syslog setting on the PIX firewall it hung, blocking all outbound/inbound network traffic for approximately 15 minutes. The rule base was determined to be correct, and the PIX was reset with a hard-reboot. Network traffic was restored.

Mail server disk full

The /home volume on the mail server filled from 97% to 99% in about 6 hours. In order to prevent problems with the mail server, data was moved from the /home volume to /home3. The LDAP directory was updated and permissions were reassigned to the relocated data. The /home volume is currently at 75% capacity.