Fenwick began refusing telnet sessions. When it was rebooted, it failed to boot properly. Upon booting into minimal mode, it was determined that the system disk was full. The OPERATOR.LOG file was deleted, and Fenwick was rebooted, the system booted normally, and telnet sessions were no loger refused.

Merlin2 IO System Problem

On Friday, March 14th the “warning” indicator on Merlin2 was flashing, and the third drive was also flashing yellow. As we were in the middle of the data move from Merlin to Merlin2, we decided to push onward and deal with the problem later.

Today, the OS went BSOD. The server was shut down, then powered back up. The server came back up without any data loss and automatically started rebuilding the array onto the previously failed disk.
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Trimble Hall Network Malfunction IV

The trouble continues in Trimble Hall. A malfunction occurred with the same symptoms. We have isolated the problem to the switch in Trimble 007. We disconnected the TH network piece by piece while monitoring connectivity with ping. When the 007 switch was disconnected, connectivity returned. Upon reconnecting the 007 switch, the network maintained connectivity. We will have to wait until the next failure to isolate the trouble to a specific port on that switch.