Internet connection down

The internet connection was down from 15:30 to 17:45 due to a routing loop created by our service provider, ELI. Apparently, some old routes were inadvertantly loaded at the Tukwilla office during a routine upgrade.

Scheduled Outage of all Central Compter and Network Services

As part of the scheduled campuswide power outage, OIS will also be completing an important electrical upgrade in McIntyre 007. This upgrade will necessitate the shutdown of all campus central server systems – including email and Internet access. OIS will power down all servers residing in McIntyre 007, the Internet connection, and the University core network by 7:00AM and will reactivate these servers at 6:00PM when campus power is restored. OIS recommends that you disconnect all computers, printers, copiers, scanners, etc. from electrical outlets to avoid damage from a potential surge when power is restored to campus.

If you are affected by this outage OIS recommends that you unplug your computer from the wall outlet before leaving work Friday 13 June to prevent any unlikely equipment damage. Staff working Saturday in the Field House should not operate their computers while on generator power.