Excel Installed on HERMIONE

In order to support an academic project, Excel 2000 was installed on HERMIONE. This involved some extra work.

Since Access, the only part of Office 2000 that was installed, had been installed from an Administrative Install Point that no longer existed, Excel could not be directly installed. The following procedure was followed to troubleshoot and complete the install:

1) The Office XP Office Resource Kit Tools were installed, and Office was completely removed with the Removal Wizard. This required two runs to completely remove Office 2000.

2) Office 2000 install was attempted from the CD copy on VERONICA – after entering the CD key, and selecting the standard install, an Internal Error 2755 was received. This error is described Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 217714. This error is seen when permissions on the C:WINNT and C:WINNTInstaller folders is not correct. The permissions on these directories were adjusted, mainly to remove conflicts – the Power Users and Users groups were removed.

3) A patch to Windows Installer was applied after finding another KB article that mentioned it. HERMIONE was rebooted after the application of this patch.

4) After rebooting, Office 2000 installation proceded normally.