SAN Maintenance and New Installations

On Saturday we will restructure the fibre channel fabric by replacing the existing 8 port switch with two 24 port switches—32 total ports enabled. As part of the restructuring, the database systems (Lenel, Rainier, Crystal, and Grace) will be down. The SAN and tape library will also be down during the restructuring.

We will be attempting a variety of hardware related tasks during the down time:

1. Turning the two Dell cabinets 180 degrees to provide better air flow.

2. Reworking the network, fibre, and power cables in the Dell cabinets for better access.

3. Migrating and rezoning all fibre channel connections to the new switches.

4. Installing a new HBA in Rainier and upgrading the PowerPath license.

5. Adding additional systems to the fibre channel fabric (Exchange Servers, AX100 appliance, Veronica, Merlin2 and Alexandria).

We estimate that this will take approximately eight hours. We will be starting at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 11