[Complete] KACE User cleanup – 7/27 4:30pm

COMPLETED: The process has successfully deleted 42,000 users in KACE and we now show only 12,800 users in the system.

– John


EDIT:  The process will take approximately 8 1/2 hours to complete, so we are moving the time to 4:30pm in case there is any slow down to the system while the deletion processes.



I have a query that will clean up 42,000 external email addresses that are in the KACE database and will be running that query at 2:30pm tomorrow (7/27). I do not anticipate any issues, but the query may make KACE slow for a little while as it processes the deletions from the database.


Network Maintenance – 07/18/2017 to 07/19/2017 [COMPLETE]

Update: Network maintenance is complete.  Thank you.

Networking will be doing maintenance on the evening of 07/18/2017 and into the morning of 07/19/2017.  This work will consist of moving the internet and network gateways which will cause intermittent internet and network outages.  Services affected may include internet, wireless, and VOIP.  Network outages will usually be localized to buildings and be very brief.

Network Maintenance – 07/15/2017 and 07/16/2017 [COMPLETE]

Update: Networking has completed maintenance.  We did not do work on the server network per the request of the server team.  This will be rescheduled to another time.
Networking will be doing some maintenance and testing that should not be service affecting on 07/16/2017.  We will also be doing work moving server network connections on 07/17/2017.  We plan to work around the server production maintenance and so impact should be minimal.

Thank you

TS Outage Update: PeopleSoft Planned Refreshes – DEV Complete

This is an announcement from Technology Services about scheduled PeopleSoft Maintenance .

PeopleSoft Maintenance: Refreshes for all pillars are complete. 

  • All PeopleSoft DEV environments:
    • PA91DEV, CS92DEV, FN92DEV, HR92DEV

Thank you for your patience during the refreshes.

Need more info? Email TS-PMO@pugetsound.edu

PeopleSoft Maintenance: Refreshes {All PS Pillars}

This is an announcement from Technology Services about upcoming scheduled PeopleSoft outages. Please see details below.

PeopleSoft Maintenance: Refreshes for all pillars are scheduled for the following dates.

  • Thursday, July 13, 2017:
    • All PeopleSoft DEV environments will be unavailable.
    • PA91DEV, CS92DEV, FN92DEV, HR92DEV
  • Friday, July 14, 2017:
    • All PeopleSoft TST environments will be unavailable.
    • PA91TST, CS92TST, FN92TST, HR92TST
  • TS will communicate once each batch of refreshes are complete.

Need more info? Email TS-PMO@pugetsound.edu

Campus Systems Unavailable Due to Scheduled Maintenance 07/16/2017 [completed]

[updated 07/16/2017 10:50 a.m.] Our scheduled maintenance has been completed.

[original] Production server patch maintenance is scheduled for Sunday, July 16th, from 3:00 a.m. until noon During this time, all campus systems will be intermittently or entirely unavailable. Affected services include the university website, myPugetSound, PeopleSoft, Cascade, Moodle, campus file servers, and Exchange (email and calendar). An update will be posted once this maintenance is completed.
Technology Services schedules regular maintenance windows, generally on the second Sunday of every month, to ensure a secure, reliable computing environment. Thank you for your patience as we conduct this important work!

PeopleSoft Maintenance: Friday July 7th @ 6pm – Sunday July 9th {Campus, myPugetSound} [COMPLETE]

[UPDATE 07/09/17 8:30PM] The scheduled maintenance is complete.

[UPDATE 07/07/17 5:30PM] The scheduled maintenance has begun.

[Original] This is an announcement from Technology Services about an upcoming scheduled PeopleSoft outage. Please see details below. We will add to this post when updates become available. 

  • Systems Impacted: Web access to myPugetSound and PeopleSoft Campus
  • Dates: Friday July 7th @ 6pm  – Sunday July 9th
  • Reason for Impact: TS is upgrading our PeopleSoft Campus environment from 9.0 to 9.2
  • Additional Information: These systems may be intermittently unavailable Monday, July 10th during Day 1 support

Please contact TS-PMO@pugetsound.edu if you have any questions