Scheduled Maintenance on Core Router

I will be upgrading the IOS on our Core Router (Cisco 6905) at 5:00am tomorrow morning (Tuesday Feb 8th).

The upgrade is to enable a new 10GB interface slot card.

All preparations are already in place, so I expect the downtimes to be short (5-10min each) and intermittent between 5:00-6:00am.

During the downtimes, all inter network-connectivity will be disabled.  There will be no access to any services or resources during this time.

This will include but not limited to: email, internet, databases, VPN, etc.

[Resolved] Banner, Famis and Basis Unavailable – 6/16/2010

Banner, Famis and Basis were unavailable from 6pm – 8pm on Wednesday June 16, 2010.   Minimal if no user disruption was experienced.  We believe this was the result of an operating system issue on the Tahoma Server which did not impact Cascade.   There was a brief disruption to Cascade as the server was rebooted.  All services recovered immediately following the reboot.

Java plug-in update

The configuration for Cascade forms, Banner, Famis, Bosscops, and Bosscars was updated to require a new version of Java. The version to be used now is 1.6.0_18.

Note: this caused some issues this morning, when version 19 was inadvertently coded to be downloaded. Several users experienced problems which required their Java to be uninstalled and reinstalled. By 9:30 am, the configuration was updated to download the correct version.

[resolved] Web forms was down this morning

Web forms was down this morning which included Cascade, Famis and Banner (a separate announcement has been posted to the Help Desk site for public viewing).
Patches were applied on the sanjuan server yesterday, and it wasn’t working after that. Paul fixed something in the configuration and bounced the server and now it’s working again.

Reports Server bounced

Cascade and FAMIS users reported issues receiving their reports that are run through the reports server. Users received an error message saying that job ###### wouldn’t run. When we looked in the reports server (past jobs), that particular job_id did not show up (it was a future job_id!).

Resolution: bounced reports server

[Resolved] CX400 Battery Replacement Tuesday February 17th, 5:30AM

On February 17th from 5:30-6AM batteries in our EMC CX400 Disk Array will be replaced.  This is a fully redundant system and no outage is expected.  However, as with any change, there is always a risk of outage.  If a problem arises with the change, the following services may be impacted:

Database Services (FAMIS, Banner, Millennium, etc.)

Please note that Cascade will not be affected.

Databases unavailable, 1/10/2009

Campus email text:
Saturday, January 10, Technology Services will be performing important updates on our database systems. There will be two groups of outages:

5 AM until 8 PM – Cascade and Cascade Web will be unavailable.
9 AM until Noon – Banner, Famis, Basis, and Millennium will be unavailable.

Email, network files and shares, and other network services will not be impacted.

Cascade database is switching to new hardware and upgrading to 10g. Administrative toolset is being upgraded to 10g and deployed on new hardware.
Banner, Famis, Basis, and Millennium will be patched to make them compatible with 10g.

New Storage Array and SAN Installation Complete 10/27/2008

The Installation of the new storage array and SAN to support upgrades of the database and email systems was completed with the reboots of all database servers from 5:30 to 6:30 AM this morning. CRM was restored at 7:45 AM. The extended timeframe was necessary to ensure that all existing and new LUNs had redundant paths to their hosts in the SAN.