[Completed] 5-10-minute Interruption in Internet Service 2/22/2013

Update: 6:10 am. The replacement was completed without incident at 5:40 am. All services are online.

The Internet connection for university servers and the academic/administrative networks will be interrupted for 5-10 minutes between 5:30 and 6:00 AM Friday morning, while a faulty firewall device is replaced.

This outage will affect all outward-facing university services, but will will not affect the residential networks.

[Resolved] Residential Internet Interruptions – 9/17/2012

[Update 1:40 am 9/18/2012] Internet service to the residential network was restored. Apparently this was due to a malfunctioning router in the Seattle area. This router was eventually replaced, restoring service.

[Update 12:10 am 9/18/2012] Internet service to the residential network is still unavailable or too slow to be useful. Estimates for return of service from Integra Telecom are now at least 3 AM.

Internet service to the residential network (residence halls, houses, and Union Ave housing) is unavailable and sporadic due to an outage in Integra Telecom’s network affecting the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. This issue is being worked on now, and service should be restored within 1 to 2 hours.

This outage does not affect the academic buildings or the university’s servers.

[Completed] Moodle Unavailable for Maintenance 8/14

[Updated 3:40 pm 8/16/2012] The upgrade to Moodle has been completed.  Moodle is back up and fully functional.  Thank you for your patience!

Moodle is being upgraded to the next version. This service will be unavailable from 12 AM Tuesday, 8/14/2012 for 24 hours until 12 AM Wednesday, 8/15/2012 while this process is completed. Service will be restored by midnight, 12 AM tonight.

[Resolved] – Long Distance May be Sporadic – 7/31/2012

[Updated 7:49 am, 8/1/2012] We have been informed by the phone carrier that this issue has been resolved. The problem was apparently a hardware failure in a key piece of equipment.

[Updated 4:54 pm] As of about 4-4:15 pm, This problem has resurfaced, although log distance calls are displaying various symptoms. The phone carrier is working on the problem.

This morning there have been reports of certain long distance calls not connecting, giving “dead air” when dialed. This is due to a problem at our telephone carrier, which is experiencing a widespread issue. The carrier is working on the issue, which is affecting all their customers. Long distance calls appear to be working now, but this may be sporadic for the next hour.

[Resolved] vDesk Unavailable 11/27/2011

[Updated 4:37 p.m.] vDesk was restored to service at about 4:15 PM.

vDesk is currently unavailable due to some problems encountered during the scheduled maintenance. The problem began at about 1:30 PM. We are currently working to restore service as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[Completed] Technology Services Monthly Maintenence 10/30/2011

NOTE: As of 12 PM, the maintenance has been completed. All services are online and available.

Technology Services Monthly Maintenance is scheduled for Sunday, October 30, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Cascade, Banner, Millennium, and the university’s website will not be affected.

The services which may be intermittently or entirely unavailable during this maintenance window include:

  • Email
  • SoundNet
  • Web services such as Moodle and Puget Sound blogs
  • Personal and departmental file shares (on Alexandria and Merlin2)

[Resolved] vDesk Performance and Printing Problems – Week of 9/5/2011

Throughout this past week many members of the campus community have experienced problems with the new vDesk applications. These have included trouble launching applications and an inability to view or print to available printers. As of Friday morning 9/9/2011 we have been able to alleviate the situation. We continue to monitor the system.

Thank you for you for your patience and understanding.