Whidbey certificate expired but purposely not renewed

I have the valid certificate ready but not installed for the following reasons.

  1. There should be no known application using the Certificate.
  2. In the past, the Certificate has been renewed, not knowing it’s used or not, just for the precaution.
  3. Before not renewing anymore, I need to make sure the Certificate is not really used by any of the applications.

Problems with CMS Publishing

The Content Management System stopped publishing content to the main web server at about 9:10am this morning. I believe that this problem has been resolved; however, new content will be unlikely to appear on the main web server until after 3:30pm.

If your changes haven’t shown up on the main web server by 4:00 pm, please publish the pages again. Thank you.

Problems with www2.ups.edu

Updated 9/25 11:51 AM

We currently are experiencing problems with www2.ups.edu. FTP service, which was not working earlier, has been restored.

We plan to reboot this system tomorrow morning (9/26/08) before 9:00 AM and hope that this will resolve the issues we’re having. More will posted here as we continue investigate the problems.

Cascade Unscheduled Downtime

At 6 AM this morning, a reload of the core switch caused a failure of the network interfaces on the Cascade Web server. This in turn caused the Cascade web interface to be unavailable from 6 to 8:15 this morning. The server was rebooted and recovered, restoring service at approximately 8:15.

Other affected servers were grace, camano, and crystal, all of which were rebooted to restore service at 7:30 AM. Batch job processing was affected between 6 and 7:30 AM.

Main web server down briefly

The main university web server (www.ups.edu) experienced errors caused by the Ingeniux (CMS) application this afternoon. Content was restored from backup, although this version of the content is a few days old. When the publishing operation finishes in about 30 minutes, all current content will be restored. If you are a content provider who published pages between 3:00 to 3:30 PM, we recommend publishing them again after 5:40 PM. Thank you.

6/3 – Database Systems Temporarily Offline

The database systems went offline sometime of 3 June this weekend when rainier and crystal lost connections to several disk volumes. The disks were remounted, and the databases were restarted. The DBA was called at 9 AM this morning.

The www2 webserver also became unresponsive because it lost connection to the database. The webserver was restarted once the database came online, restoring service.