[Resolved] – Long Distance May be Sporadic – 7/31/2012

[Updated 7:49 am, 8/1/2012] We have been informed by the phone carrier that this issue has been resolved. The problem was apparently a hardware failure in a key piece of equipment.

[Updated 4:54 pm] As of about 4-4:15 pm, This problem has resurfaced, although log distance calls are displaying various symptoms. The phone carrier is working on the problem.

This morning there have been reports of certain long distance calls not connecting, giving “dead air” when dialed. This is due to a problem at our telephone carrier, which is experiencing a widespread issue. The carrier is working on the issue, which is affecting all their customers. Long distance calls appear to be working now, but this may be sporadic for the next hour.

[Completed] Telephone Maintenance Scheduled for Friday 3/11/11

[Updated 3/11/11 4:30 AM] Maintenance has been completed and telephone service has been restored.

The university’s telephone system will be disabled at 5:00 AM on Friday, March 11, in order to conduct routine maintenance. Service will be restored by 5:30 AM. We appreciate your patience as we perform this work. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Telephone Services at phones@pugetsound.edu.

Telephone System Upgrade Scheduled 8/27/10

On Friday, August 27, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, we will upgrade the campus telephone system to provide more robust, redundant service. During this time, calls into or out of campus have a small possibility of being dropped. If this occurs, please re-dial your call. On-campus calls should not experience any problems. For questions or concerns, please contact Telephone Services at phones@pugetsound.edu.

[Resolved] In- and Outbound Telephone Calls Not Working 3/9/10

[Updated 10:46 AM] Telephone service was restored at 10:45 AM.

[Updated 9:08 AM] Our telephone provider, Integra Telecom, has informed us that this outage is part of a Tacoma-wide outage on parts of Click!’s network. Click! does not yet have a timeline for restoration of service.

Telephone calls into and out of campus have not been working since about 5:00 AM this morning. This appears to be a telephone provider problem. Our telephone service provider (Integra Telecom) has been contacted, and they are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Scheduled Telephone Service Disruption 9/13/09

On Sunday morning, 9/13/09, beginning at 7:00 PM, Telephone Services will be performing maintenance on off-campus telephone connections. The outage may interrupt all off-campus telephone calls for up to 30 minutes. This work will not affect telephone service within the college, itself, or cellular service.

Questions, contact phones@pugetsound.edu.