Web Site Navigation Not Displaying

[Update 3/6/09 10:41 AM] This error has been resolved; however,

The right navigation on academic departments and programs pages linked from http://www.ups.edu/academicdepartments.xml is not displaying at this time. The missing navigation on these pages includes links to departmental and program Web sites. The problem has been referred to the vendor of our content management system, Ingeniux, and they promise a solution today.

We will add temporary links to the department and program Web sites until this issue is resolved.

CMS maintenance required

I am shutting down the CMS server in order to perform needed maintenance on the system. This is required because some pages are missing their navigation. Folks who use the CMS will only be affected for a few minutes; however, publishing will be slow for the next 90 minutes.

The next scheduled CMS will be the afternoon of March 26.