Clock craziness with GANESH

The clock on GANESH went crazy. Apparently this is due to a faulty NTP server somewhere out there, which causes a loop when contacted. We are reconfiguring all our NTP clients to look at a known subset of NTP servers. GANESH was rebooted to solve the immediate problem.

Best Access System Hung

The B.A.S.I.S. software on KETRON hung. A symptom of this was that none of the B.A.S.I.S. applications on workstations would launch. This included the System Administration and the Alarm Monitoring apps. KETRON was rebooted to clear the problem. Conversations with Lance Holloway indicated that the system should be rebooted more frequently than it is:

“I’m not as familiar with the reboot requirements of Win 2k as I was with NT. I know that NT could go maximum about two weeks before memory issues took over. Depending on the application. We’ve seen other sites lock up after a while if they have screens open for event stacks etc, and not be rebooted.”

Time on houdini reset

The time on houdini, primary DNS server, drifted 10 minutes out, causing a failure in synchronizing with the secondary DNS server, harry. Time was reset. Josh will install NTP synchronization.

New Millenium OLAP Server Installed -Part I – Install Attempted

A new server for the Millenium system to do OLAP for University Relations was recieved. I attempted to do the install today. Unfortunately, the hardware that was recieved was not the hardware that was ordered. The machine came with no Windows operating system licenses, no RAID controller, and only one disk drive.

I checked the order forms, and we ordered the correct hardware. We will talk with Dell to get this straightened out.