[Resolved] Cascade Web application server is unavailable

[Update 3/19/09 4:20 PM] Services have been restored. The application services were stopped and restarted. Root cause analysis in underway.

The application server that hosts Cascade is currently unavailable. Other services impacted are Cascade, Portal, Discoverer, CRM, and Views Flash Survey. TS is aware of the problem and it is being investigated.

Successful test of changing CA on production integration server

3/19/2009 11:30am – 12:30pm
Pavan and Jeff disabled the sync profiles and stopped the integration and directory servers on whidbey to install the 1024-bit certificates from rapidssl. We started the servers and enabled the sync profiles, then verified that a change to displayname in OID synced to AD and a password change in AD synced to OID.

We then reversed the process to re-install the previously functioning verisign certificates, and verified that the sync was again working successfully.