Pandemic $$$ fights: Couples edition

This year has been a really rough one and surely seemed to get tougher with one bad thing after the next. One of those “bad things” being the financial complications among people across the country. When we think of the financial strain from this year, we probably immediately think of small mom and pop businesses suffering the most. While it is true how the financial burdens impacted small businesses, we also could see these burdens on a smaller scale or more specifically, for everyday couples. In the past, couples traditionally might have been bickering about how much to spend on Continue reading Pandemic $$$ fights: Couples edition

I Put Up My Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving

This is the first year ever that I have felt like it’s time to put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. Normally, I am one of those people that complain that everyone else who has already started the countdown to Christmas, is just overdoing it. But, for many people including me this year is special, and spreading the Christmas cheers too early would not hurt anybody. It felt like, the Christmas spirit was needed. According to Blair, however, a clinical psychologist in the UK, playing happy holiday music, might in a way make us feel that we are trapped and Continue reading I Put Up My Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving

Spending Behind the Screen

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for folks when it comes to shopping. Stores and restaurants are jam-packed with people rushing to get their holiday shopping done. However, this year, due to the pandemic, the holiday season is going to look a little different. Because stores are closing and restaurants are getting shut down, you might think consumers would cut back on their holiday shopping. Yet, the opposite is happening. Although in-person shopping has decreased, consumers plan on spending about $100 more this year on online shopping. This year Black Friday’s online shopping increased by 21.6 Continue reading Spending Behind the Screen

Veeps: Could it Save Emerging Musical Artists?

Veeps is an online streaming platform that music artists can use to live stream concerts and other performances. Brothers Benji and Joel Madden first created the platform to allow artists to sell VIP Tickets. However, Veeps made a complete turnaround just in time for the pandemic. When the pandemic first struck, artists were devastated because they had to cancel their concerts. In a time when it is unsafe to engage in big gatherings or go to in-person concerts, Veeps offered a safe solution for artists that allows them to live stream concerts and performances. Artists like Brandi Carlie, Liam Payne, Continue reading Veeps: Could it Save Emerging Musical Artists?

US exports are declining. How should we address it?

The global pandemic has disrupted supply chains in the US and worldwide: in the first half of 2020, US imports fell by 17%, while US exports fell by nearly 25%. This leaves the US with considerable deficit. While the US has run deficits in international trade since the 1970’s, the current trade situation is especially dire: the events of 2020 have widened our deficit by nearly 20% (Leibovici and Santacreu 2020). The decline in net exports, a crucial component of real GDP, is another factor in the drop in aggregate demand brought on by the pandemic (Figure 1). There are Continue reading US exports are declining. How should we address it?

How has the coronavirus affected the US economy? A brief overview

The novel coronavirus pandemic has ravaged supply chains, livelihoods, and above all, human life and health. While the best strategy for managing America’s abrupt economic downturn is a subject of controversy, I think we can all agree that the virus has caused unprecedented economic crisis. The most rapid effect of the onset of COVID-19 outbreaks and the accompanying lockdowns was a negative shock to aggregate supply. Most US firms could not continue to produce output at the same level as before, causing a nationwide shortage of goods and services while simultaneously increasing the price level. US consumers were faced with Continue reading How has the coronavirus affected the US economy? A brief overview

The case for supporting small business with fiscal policy

Fiscal expansionary policy is characterized by the government adjusting its spending levels and tax rates to increase aggregate demand. Fiscal expansionary policy has the most direct and immediate impact on the nation’s economic health, whereas monetary policies take time we do not have to take noticeable effect. We are in an emergency situation in which American citizens and small businesses urgently need relief; therefore, fiscal policy is the best solution. Combatting COVID-19 through fiscal policy would involve government spending of some kind. This could take the form of individual stimulus checks that everyone receives, a rent relief bill for households Continue reading The case for supporting small business with fiscal policy

Cameo: B-Listers Do It Again Bringing in the Big Bucks

We all know about The Office, the dry humor-filled sitcom about coworkers desperately trying to get through the day while working for a paper company. Well, many of the actors from The Office just so happen to be on Cameo. Some of your favorites include Oscar Nunez ($190), Melora Hardin ($299), Kate Flannery ($180), Leslie David Baker ($300), Paul Lieberstein ($495), and last but certainly not least, Brian Baumgartner ($195). Brian Baumgartner has the most significant presence on Cameo out of all of the actors. Although he did not charge as much as some of the former coworkers, he certainly Continue reading Cameo: B-Listers Do It Again Bringing in the Big Bucks

Micro, Macro, and Keanu Reeves: Why you should join the econ department

I have been trying so hard to convince the 101 students I CA for to join the econ department. This is my last attempt to steer them to the world of game theory and IS-LM models. Looking back on my first year at UPS, I realize I had no idea what economics actually was when I enrolled in the class. I must have thought it had to do with printing money. Thankfully, whatever 19-year-old Rachel had thought encapsulated the world of economics was incredibly wrong, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the class, despite my confusion. I decided late into Continue reading Micro, Macro, and Keanu Reeves: Why you should join the econ department