Spending Behind the Screen

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for folks when it comes to shopping. Stores and restaurants are jam-packed with people rushing to get their holiday shopping done. However, this year, due to the pandemic, the holiday season is going to look a little different. Because stores are closing and restaurants are getting shut down, you might think consumers would cut back on their holiday shopping. Yet, the opposite is happening. Although in-person shopping has decreased, consumers plan on spending about $100 more this year on online shopping. This year Black Friday’s online shopping increased by 21.6 Continue reading Spending Behind the Screen

Veeps: Could it Save Emerging Musical Artists?

Veeps is an online streaming platform that music artists can use to live stream concerts and other performances. Brothers Benji and Joel Madden first created the platform to allow artists to sell VIP Tickets. However, Veeps made a complete turnaround just in time for the pandemic. When the pandemic first struck, artists were devastated because they had to cancel their concerts. In a time when it is unsafe to engage in big gatherings or go to in-person concerts, Veeps offered a safe solution for artists that allows them to live stream concerts and performances. Artists like Brandi Carlie, Liam Payne, Continue reading Veeps: Could it Save Emerging Musical Artists?

Cameo: B-Listers Do It Again Bringing in the Big Bucks

We all know about The Office, the dry humor-filled sitcom about coworkers desperately trying to get through the day while working for a paper company. Well, many of the actors from The Office just so happen to be on Cameo. Some of your favorites include Oscar Nunez ($190), Melora Hardin ($299), Kate Flannery ($180), Leslie David Baker ($300), Paul Lieberstein ($495), and last but certainly not least, Brian Baumgartner ($195). Brian Baumgartner has the most significant presence on Cameo out of all of the actors. Although he did not charge as much as some of the former coworkers, he certainly Continue reading Cameo: B-Listers Do It Again Bringing in the Big Bucks

Cameo: The B-Lister’s Paradise

Cameo is a social media platform in which people get to interact with their favorite celebrities or influencers. You can either chat with or get a personalized video message from your favorite talent. However, there is a catch – and a pricey one at that. Celebrities and influencers using the app set prices for fans to interact with them, and many of them have made a pretty penny with this feature. The celebrities using this app have been seen charging anywhere between $5- $2500 per video, of which Cameo gets a 25% cut.  We can see many celebrities posting very Continue reading Cameo: The B-Lister’s Paradise

LET’S GO DODGERS: winning the World Series and what it does for the marketing team

On October 27th, 2020, the Dodgers made history with a victory that ended a 32-year long string of defeats, bringing new hope to Los Angeles County. Despite facing the adverse challenges that have come along with 2020, the team completed the momentous task of finishing the world series, trophy in hand. Over the years, the Dodger’s popularity has spread internationally and the team’s merchandise sales have begun spreading beyond national borders. By ending the “draught,” as their losing steak was called by many fans, the Dodgers are predicted to gain new fans outside of the United States, ultimately leading to Continue reading LET’S GO DODGERS: winning the World Series and what it does for the marketing team

Is Tiktok Worth Downloading?

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms among Gen Z-ers and millennials. This video app allows you to share short videos, ranging from dance challenges, conspiracy theories, makeup tutorials, storytelling, memes, music, and everything you could possibly think of in between. These videos are shared with your friends and other app users in a matter of minutes. Tiktok’s rising popularity has increased ByteDance’s value to about $75 million dollars and with over 500 million users joining the app monthly it’s only continuing to rise. Overall, it seems like an exciting app, but its success has come with Continue reading Is Tiktok Worth Downloading?