Tim Duy and The Fed’s Response to COVID Pandemic

Thursday, September 24, 2020 University of Oregon professor Tim Duy spoke to the University of Puget Sound economics department on the Federal Reserve’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Duy is a UPS alumnus, and continued at University of Oregon to receive his M.S. and PhD in economics. His blog Tim Duy’s Fed Watch keeps readers up to date on new monetary policy and Federal reserve updates. Duy split his presentation into two parts: first, the direct response of the Fed to the pandemic; second, the innovations that the Fed implemented to update its policy for post-pandemic monetary policy. “This is Continue reading Tim Duy and The Fed’s Response to COVID Pandemic

Back to School: Education During a Pandemic

The culmination of September marks the end of back-to-school month, and while some quarter-based universities are just sending out their syllabi, most elementary through high schools are wrapping up their first month of classes. The current pandemic calls for states, school districts, and superintendents to make a difficult decision: do in-person classes resume? Those in favor of in-person classes argue that students will receive a higher quality education than that provided remotely, and also state that remote learning would require parents to either work remotely or take time off work to stay home with their children. Proponents of remote learning Continue reading Back to School: Education During a Pandemic