Pandemic $$$ fights: Couples edition

This year has been a really rough one and surely seemed to get tougher with one bad thing after the next. One of those “bad things” being the financial complications among people across the country. When we think of the financial strain from this year, we probably immediately think of small mom and pop businesses suffering the most. While it is true how the financial burdens impacted small businesses, we also could see these burdens on a smaller scale or more specifically, for everyday couples. In the past, couples traditionally might have been bickering about how much to spend on Continue reading Pandemic $$$ fights: Couples edition

How are hospitals handling their financials though COVID?

HCA (one of the nation’s largest hospital chains), has decided to pay back six billion dollars in federal pandemic aid, offering the company some financial flexibility it had lost when it took the infusion of cash, according to its executives. On Thursday, they said they would return the roughly estimated $1.6 billion it received in direct relief from the government, and repay its relief loans, causing them to be $4.4 billion ahead of schedule because they felt that it was “appropriate and the socially responsible thing to do.” The company’s finance chief told analysts through a call that the repayment Continue reading How are hospitals handling their financials though COVID?

What’s next for small businesses who lose business to big corporations?

Eighteen hours ago, Graeme Campbell published an article titled “Community? Nike doesn’t care about your family run store” which dives into a family run sports store which had a partnership with Nike for more than fifty years. As of earlier today, Nike has decided to put their fifty year partnership on the back burner and cut ties with the Bronx based sporting company. Owner, Moe Stein, stated how he “knew Nike when they had nothing” he also feels that Nike is “putting down the Bronx because its not an elite place for them.” Although this is pretty sad, the 92-year-old Continue reading What’s next for small businesses who lose business to big corporations?

Small Businesses During COVID-19

Life has changed since lockdown. Even though businesses are beginning to open their doors, occupancy limits and mask mandates serve as reminders that the pandemic is still present. CNBC stated that as of August 31st 163,735 small businesses indicated on Yelp that they closed due to the COVID pandemic. While the number of temporary closures has decreased since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of permanent closures has increased. How can consumers support their community businesses while still social-distancing? Forbes offered some suggestions such as: Order to-go from restaurants Order delivery from shops Buy gift cards or credit for Continue reading Small Businesses During COVID-19

Why is college football back during COVID-19?

As we know covid-19 has changed our lives completely, forcing us to scramble for and cling onto anything that can get us back to normal, or at least make us feel that way. One of those things are the re-emergence of college football or in better terms, sports in general. We seen sports everywhere before the pandemic hit and was just a normal part of life. In the earlier months of the pandemic it was clear that it was a threat to all sports and  a big question that was asked was whether or not they will be back this Continue reading Why is college football back during COVID-19?

Back to School: Education During a Pandemic

The culmination of September marks the end of back-to-school month, and while some quarter-based universities are just sending out their syllabi, most elementary through high schools are wrapping up their first month of classes. The current pandemic calls for states, school districts, and superintendents to make a difficult decision: do in-person classes resume? Those in favor of in-person classes argue that students will receive a higher quality education than that provided remotely, and also state that remote learning would require parents to either work remotely or take time off work to stay home with their children. Proponents of remote learning Continue reading Back to School: Education During a Pandemic