Climate Inequality

Climate inequality is one of the many harms that will come with climate change. Climate inequality is the phenomenon that climate change will disproportionately harm low and middle-income countries. Countries in the Global South are at a geographical disadvantage when it comes to climate change, these countries are often closer to sea level and warmer. This subjects the Global South to harsher effects of increased temperature and rising sea level, as well as the onslaught of natural disasters that is to come. The Global South is not well equipped for these effects. The infrastructure and economies of many of these Continue reading Climate Inequality

A Quick Introduction to Charter Schools

     Charter Schools are tuition-free schools independent of their respective school district that receive government funding.  Only about 6% of students across the US attend charter schools and students are generally selected through a random lottery. They are given the freedom to specialize in an academic subject, like language or arts, but are still held accountable for state education standards. They help broaden families’ options, especially low-income, those who live in poor public school districts, or non-native speakers. Charter schools opening in communities lacking a good public school help bring a lot of economic activity. The school is able to Continue reading A Quick Introduction to Charter Schools

Quick Glance: Fed Rate Hike and SVB Collapse

The 2008 financial crisis caused Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States, to declare bankruptcy. There was the largest bank failure since the Great Recession of 2008 and the second largest in the U.S. history on March 10, 2023. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB, the 16th largest bank), suddenly announced its bankruptcy, 48 hours after its assets could not repay its debts. Its collapse causes panic in the financial technology industry across the United States. According to SVB’s main service targets are technology start-ups in Silicon Valley, this moment is like the “Lehman moment of the technology industry”. Continue reading Quick Glance: Fed Rate Hike and SVB Collapse

The Chelsea Corruption:what goes on in financial fair play?

Over this winter transfer window, Chelsea FC has broken history in the transfer market. Throughout this window, the club has gone from signing major marquee signings to splashing significant cash on utility players. Two of the most notable signings came from the young Ukrainian player of the year, Mudryk. The flashy argentine Enzo Fernandez, who ended this year winning the world cups young player of the year, is a pivotal piece of the success Argentina experienced in winning the World Cup. Accumulatively, Chelsea football club has now spent a lucrative amount of 600 million dollars within the last year. This Continue reading The Chelsea Corruption:what goes on in financial fair play?

Earphones: Wired or Wireless

This Monday, I had a debate with a friend about an interesting topic. Now it’s 2023, are you one of the wired earphone users or a Bluetooth headphone fan? The attracting point is that with the advancement of wireless headset technology, the convenience it brings to daily users is gradually occupying the sales market of wired earphones. But clearly, the two are still not perfect substitutes for each other. At least in 2022, we still have 10 unavoidable considerations of reasons for wired headphones, especially for avid music lovers and professionals who are seeking for sound quality. The simplest touch, Continue reading Earphones: Wired or Wireless