Mental Health and Job Satisfaction by Shirley Mazsltov-Ast: Senior thesis highlight

In honor of graduation, I spoke with graduating Economics and BLP major Shirley Mazsltov-Ast about her senior thesis. Her thesis examined the effects of depression on job satisfaction. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of the Bureau of Labor Statistics she explored the correlation between one’s reported depression and job satisfaction. Her findings indicate that there is a significant correlation between mental health and job satisfaction, with individuals who reported being “depressed” and “down or blue” being less satisfied with their jobs.  Shirley hopes that when reading her thesis people leave with one major takeaway “mental health matters” and Continue reading Mental Health and Job Satisfaction by Shirley Mazsltov-Ast: Senior thesis highlight

Thesis Corner: Madeleine Elliott

Welcome to Thesis Corner! This week, I am writing about my own thesis, using the same questions I asked Max last week. Q: What was my thesis about? A: I wrote about the Economic development of Seattle and Tacoma in the 1890s. I specifically focused on the Klondike Gold Rush and a few economic circumstances which may have influenced the cities’ differing responses to the Gold Rush. Q: How did I decide on this topic? I started thinking about my thesis toward the end of the spring of my junior year (spring 2017). I knew I wanted to research something Continue reading Thesis Corner: Madeleine Elliott

Thesis Corner: Max Coleman

Welcome to Thesis Corner! This week I spoke with graduating senior and former Sound Economics writer Max Coleman to talk about his thesis. Q: What was your thesis about? A: I wrote my thesis about agricultural contracting in the hop market. So hops as in Humulus lupulus, which is what they use to flavor and preserve beer. Q: How did you decide on this topic? A: My family grows hops, and originally I was like What would be useful to actual real life? I didn’t have an area of study that was calling out to me, so I was like Continue reading Thesis Corner: Max Coleman

Thesis Corner: Zander Biro

Alex Shaw (AS): First off, what is your thesis topic? Zander Biro (ZB): My thesis topic is essentially looking at developing social capital while in the institution of higher education and how the role of alcohol can actually be beneficial in lowering relationship costs in order to establish a more broad base social network. AS: I’ve heard there is a bit of a story from how your thesis started to what it ended up being, could you elaborate? ZB: It has definitely been quite the process. Starting in the fall, it started very broad as everyone says it will, and Continue reading Thesis Corner: Zander Biro

Thesis Corner | Kenji Sekino

Welcome back readers! This week on Thesis Corner we have another interview for you, but first have you heard about the PIE Conference happening on campus this weekend? Economics department professor Lisa Nunn will be one of the speakers tomorrow, along with many other campus voices about what frames their worlds. Check it out on Facebook. Also, if you’re an Economics student, we will be having Social Hour this afternoon from 4-6pm at Engine House No. 9. The department will provide the appetizers and conversation, all you need to do is show up! Now, here’s Kenji Sekino and his thesis on crime economics, “When Contempt Causes Animosity: How criminals perceive criminal Continue reading Thesis Corner | Kenji Sekino