Cameo: B-Listers Do It Again Bringing in the Big Bucks

We all know about The Office, the dry humor-filled sitcom about coworkers desperately trying to get through the day while working for a paper company. Well, many of the actors from The Office just so happen to be on Cameo. Some of your favorites include Oscar Nunez ($190), Melora Hardin ($299), Kate Flannery ($180), Leslie David Baker ($300), Paul Lieberstein ($495), and last but certainly not least, Brian Baumgartner ($195). Brian Baumgartner has the most significant presence on Cameo out of all of the actors. Although he did not charge as much as some of the former coworkers, he certainly made more than all of them within the year. Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin Malone, brought in the most revenue to the platform by earning over $1 million from his cameo videos. Cameo CEO Steven Galanis reported that it’s Baumgartner’s quality comedy content and quick responses that made him so popular this year. I’m not sure if I would be willing to pay $195 for a personalized video, but, if Baumgartner content is that good, maybe it would be worth the cost. Since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic maybe this personalized video can live up to standup comedy shows.

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