Thesis Corner 2014

Each Friday, Holly Ross interviews a University of Puget Sound senior economics major to discuss the focus of their senior thesis project. To read an interview, just click the corresponding link below!

Week 1: Holly speaks with Shelby Senaga about collaborative consumption.

Week 2: Holly speaks with Emily Neville about Bitcoin.

Week 3: Holly chats with Morgan Taylor about YouTube.

Week 4: Holly talks with Alex Shannon about security, risk, and water.

Week 5: Holly speaks with Trey Chenier about sponsorship in professional sports.

Week 6: Morgan interviews Holly Ross on the Economics of the Olympics.

Week 7: Holly speaks with Jared Soares on the far-reaching impacts of coffee markets.

Week 8: Holly interviews Eric Hopfenbeck on the (micro-)brewing industry.

Week 9: Holly speaks with Dan Williams about compensation in collegiate athletics.

Week 10: Holly speaks with Ben Hagen about the economics of education in the arts.

Week 11: Holly talks to Max Peterson about PEDs in high school sports.

Check out the Economics Poster Session and past senior theses on the Economics Department webpage!

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