Spotify Strives to Secure Cheaper Licensing Deals Ahead of Possible IPO Launch

Digital streaming services that provide music and video to their users are becoming more and more commonplace, and as such it is no surprise that content creators are always looking to partner with the service that with give them the most lucrative deal. This leads to fierce competition between streaming services as they vie for the most popular content, while attempting to keep their own costs down. In an age where artists and content creators are somewhat spoiled for choice, the small differences between different services can often make or break a deal. Such is the case for the immensely Continue reading Spotify Strives to Secure Cheaper Licensing Deals Ahead of Possible IPO Launch

Spotting the Technical Difficulties (Part 1)

Turn on the music and crank the jams. Music is a very prominent form of expression that has been woven into many people’s lives today. When I sit down at my desk to write this blog post, I instinctively grab my smart phone first and turn on some form of music. Whether it is music made solely from MIDI generated sounds or simply a musician with a guitar, I proceed to use electronic devices to produce the music that I love. But it’s not my Apple iPhone 5 that is giving me this music. It is an application called Spotify. Continue reading Spotting the Technical Difficulties (Part 1)

Uncle Timmy Bought You a Hip New CD

We all know the feeling when we get an unwanted gift, whether it is an unexpected pet fish, a candle to add to the pile, or Aunt Clara’s rabbit pajamas: sometimes people, even with the best intentions, miss the mark. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook, is currently facing a twitter-storm because Apple automatically credited a U2 album to everyone’s iTunes account, regardless of whether they wanted it or not. Many people are countering, saying that it’s extremely selfish to be upset about receiving a free album. “What kind of person would complain about that” or, “Who doesn’t love Bono!” they Continue reading Uncle Timmy Bought You a Hip New CD

Thesis Corner: Read and Write the World With Music

No matter what our caliber of creativity is, art and music are important elements in our lives one way or another. Obviously there is enjoyment and pleasure imparted to audiences whom observe these creative and artistic products. But what is often overlooked and equally as important is the benefit gained by the artist producing these novelties. Educational scholars have confirmed the importance of children’s art and musical programs because thinking creatively and artistically unlocks ways our mind can process other types of scholastic information. Ben Hagen, a senior Economics student at the UPS, studied the importance of educational music and Continue reading Thesis Corner: Read and Write the World With Music