America’s Competitive Advantage: How Economists View Immigration

For three years I worked at Tacoma Refugee Choir, a choir composed of refugees, immigrants, and community members, who write and perform original songs. While the choir generated primarily positive feedback and comments, there were moments when the choir experienced xenophobia rooted in fear and misconceptions surrounding immigration. Since many of these misconceptions surround immigrants’ effect on the economy, I felt it was important to view immigration through the lens of an economic student. Immigration is a long-debated topic in American society that divides and polarizes conversation. Common misconceptions surrounding immigration have caused many Americans to support building a wall Continue reading America’s Competitive Advantage: How Economists View Immigration

Why Does Building a Computer Cost so Much? Pt. 1

Pt.1 Why does my GPU cost so much? This blog topic will be a multipart series reviewing the changing nature of PC markets along with plausible mechanisms for these changes. To answer the title question, it would be useful to know what expectations one should have for changes in PC prices over time. Setting Expectations: The two most expensive computer parts’—the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU (Computer Processing Unit)—performances have vastly increased over time. The increase in performance more or less follows a heuristic called “Moore’s law”. According to Moore’s law the number of transistors in are expected to Continue reading Why Does Building a Computer Cost so Much? Pt. 1


For more than a century, Corn Flakes have been a staple cereal in American diets everywhere. This crispy golden flaked cereal was initially released in 1894 and since has been led by their main mascot Cornelius, a green cartoon chicken who has been the centerpiece of their simplistic box design since the mid-1960s. However, since late January, Cornelius has begun to cause conflict regarding laws around exportation in Mexico. Mexican officials as of now have confiscated 380,000 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes raiding warehouses north of Mexico City. The reasoning behind this: Mexico has multiple intertwined laws affecting marketing around Continue reading Cerealnomics