The Work of Claudia Goldin: Gender Pay Gap and The Nobel Prize.

This last weekend, the 2023 Nobel Prize winners for Peace, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, and Economics all received prizes commemorating Alfred Nobel’s death on December 10th. While not technically one of the main categories envisioned by the late scientist, the Prize for Economics is a memorial prize paid for not out of Alred’s estate but a Swedish bank. Regardless of the validity of the actual Nobel, the prize has acted as an esteemed Prize in economics, given to the likes of Milton Freidman, his protege Robert Fogel, and now the 77-year-old Harvard economist and historian Claudia Goldin. Goldin is not Continue reading The Work of Claudia Goldin: Gender Pay Gap and The Nobel Prize.

The Fight over Smooth and Chunky Ice Cream

When Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs were first created, there was an indivisible line drawn between Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s being that Haagen Dazs would only make smooth ice creams and Ben & Jerry’s only chunky. But this only lasted when sales were good. At one point, ice cream sales started to plummet and Haagen Dazs crossed that invisible line into chunky town which caused Ben & Jerry’s to dabble in the smooth ice cream market. This led to more options for consumers and Hagen Dazs even went so far as to reduce their chunky ice cream Continue reading The Fight over Smooth and Chunky Ice Cream

Modeling Religion Through Economics

In most social sciences, religion has been viewed as a fleeting force in everyday life. In the view of Sociology, religion is a tie to a primitive past, and as people become more educated, religion disappears. In Political Science, religion is seen as a deteriorating force as countries develop into more democratic societies with higher levels of self-expression and belief. Yet both of these disciplines contradict increasing data from the developed world. In fact, in the U.S. alone, 43% of Americans identify as religious, and 33% identify as spiritual. According to a Harvard Economic Study, despite Sociology’s view of religion Continue reading Modeling Religion Through Economics