Sorting Out Seattle’s Arena Situtation

It has been 9 years since Seattle has had a professional men’s basketball team (Seattle Sonics) and 42 years since the city possessed an NHL franchise (Seattle Totems). The fan base in Seattle has been desperate for either sport, specifically basketball, to be part of the city once again. For any team to come to Seattle, an arena has to be built (or renovated). Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL stated back in 2015 the issue for Seattle as a city. “No one has their arena act together yet in Seattle.” It’s quite true that no conclusion has been made on what arena project to Continue reading Sorting Out Seattle’s Arena Situtation

The Salary Cap in Sports: Part 2 (Basketball)

In our first post about the salary cap in sports, we learned about how unlimited the baseball cap was while higher revenue teams reap the benefits. In the second part of the three part series, we will be looking at the growing NBA salary cap as it looks to make a big leap in the next couple of years, increasing the player’s benefits. The salary cap has slowly been moving up over the past three years, from nearly $59 million in the 2013-2014 season up to $70 million flat for the 2015-2016 season. For the five seasons before that, it Continue reading The Salary Cap in Sports: Part 2 (Basketball)

NBAPA’s New Bargaining Ploy

Collective bargaining agreements are three words sports fans never want to hear. When these agreements expire and the door is opened for more negotiations during the offseason, the outcome never seems to turn out well. We generally see negotiations stall over a few key points, and the owners threaten a lockout of the players, and the players threaten to strike, and the outcome generally comes out in favor of the owners. There are a few reasons for the owners’ advanced bargaining position over the players. One, when a lockout or strike occurs, the players are out their salary for that Continue reading NBAPA’s New Bargaining Ploy

New T.V. Deal = More $

The NBA just signed a new T.V. deal with ESPN and TNT over the next 9 years for over $24 Billion… What this means, besides more money for everyone, is that the salary cap is expected to rise again. This will cause all sorts of excitement as new free agents will start to look for larger contracts, and teams will have the cap space to provide these contracts. The next few free agency periods are set up to be extremely exiting, with a lot of player movement, and outrageously large contracts. What I find really interesting are the contracts that Continue reading New T.V. Deal = More $

The NBA Losing Problem

If you have been paying attention to the NBA recently, you may notice a few teams that are aspiring to lose as many games as they can. The Philadelphia 76ers have just lost a franchise record 26th game in a row, and it is quite possible that they will lose the rest of their games this season. This would appear to be a disappointment for the franchise, but it is all part if a greater plan. This losing streak, and entire season, was orchestrated by the organization. Before the February 20th trade deadline, the team traded their two best and Continue reading The NBA Losing Problem