What is the next stage of life after college graduation student during a pandemic?

A lot of college senior this year graduated on online. In fact, a family friend of mines did not even attend their online graduation ceremony because they felt like there was no point. This same feeling, the feeling of having no direction or income is what a lot of college graduates during this year feel. Searching for any form of job right out of college is always hard but now trying to do that during a global pandemic and an economic meltdown seems even more hopeless. Many students, this year have either lost their jobs on campus, around town, internships, Continue reading What is the next stage of life after college graduation student during a pandemic?

Why College-Educated Women Can’t Find love

The dating gap for women who are looking for love is a real thing. The modern world and the influences of technology have changed what is valued when it comes to finding a partner, and while technology has improved the lives of many individuals, it still seems as though heterosexual, well-educated women still remain to be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding love online. When searching for ‘Mr. Right,’ many women who are college-educated with a degree tend to seek and find it important to be with partners that have similar educational credentials. The problem then comes to Continue reading Why College-Educated Women Can’t Find love

Holiday Shopping During A Pandemic

It is no surprise that this year is like none other year. A lot of things this year have been canceled including graduations, summer traveling, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other holidays or form of celebrations. With the cancellations of holidays, the economy is bound to be effected in some way. Especially, with unemployment numbers hitting a record high each month and the number of lives taken by COVID is record-breaking daily. This fast track of unfortunate events can leave a lot of people to feel a sense of hopelessness during months like November and December where family come together. Continue reading Holiday Shopping During A Pandemic

Money in Relationships

Should money be a factor in a relationship or when finding a partner? Some think that money should be a factor while others believe that it should not but what does economics say? Money for a lot of people is a form of signal that indicates stability, freedom, and comfort. One can think about this as how getting a degree is a signal. In a job-market signaling model, potential employees could send a signal of their ability level to the employer by acquiring a college degree or some form of education to serve as a form of credentials. The informational Continue reading Money in Relationships

Stagflation in the Late 1970’s

Led Zeppelin, high-waisted denim shorts, and kitchens accented with harvest gold and avocado green always came to mind when I imagined life in 1970’s America. However, this simplistic, superficial image didn’t appear to be quite congruent with the lived experience of US citizens in the seventies. Recently, when I expressed my fascination with seventies kitchen design to my father, he grimaced at me and sighed heavily. I figured he didn’t like green refrigerators, but what followed was a lecture explaining an ugly side to the seventies I hadn’t thought of before. Runaway inflation and crippling interest rates coupled with stagnating Continue reading Stagflation in the Late 1970’s

Cameo: The B-Lister’s Paradise

Cameo is a social media platform in which people get to interact with their favorite celebrities or influencers. You can either chat with or get a personalized video message from your favorite talent. However, there is a catch – and a pricey one at that. Celebrities and influencers using the app set prices for fans to interact with them, and many of them have made a pretty penny with this feature. The celebrities using this app have been seen charging anywhere between $5- $2500 per video, of which Cameo gets a 25% cut.  We can see many celebrities posting very Continue reading Cameo: The B-Lister’s Paradise

Macroeconomic Indicators: Four Ways to Assess a Nation’s Economy

Economists employ several metrics to gain a sense of total macroeconomic performance. While there are dozens of measures that show various aspects of economic health, four will be mentioned. 1. The most valuable and informative indicator of a nation’s macroeconomic status is the gross domestic product (abbreviated as GDP). The GDP is defined as the current monetary value of all final goods and services produced in markets over a specific period of time, such as quarterly or annually. Therefore, the GDP can also be considered income for a nation, since economic output can be measured by how much we spend Continue reading Macroeconomic Indicators: Four Ways to Assess a Nation’s Economy

The Olympic Peninsula and its DVD market

Highway 101 flaunts stunning deciduous trees, winding curves, and small coffee shops that serve chicken strips and Olympic Mountain Ice Cream. In between the stretches of trees and grocery stores resides a nondescript DVD vendor, its only marking a white paper sign with black font that reads “$1 DVDs”. The abundance of streaming services makes watching TV and movies accessible and instantaneous. If you don’t like a movie, you can switch the title in less than a minute. The relatively low cost of monthly subscriptions incentivizes simultaneous subscriptions to multiple services. Nothing good on Netflix? Maybe Hulu has something. Streaming Continue reading The Olympic Peninsula and its DVD market

Buying a home in 2020: Unmarried couples edition

Buying a home is such a huge first step into adulthood, especially when it comes to married couples who are looking to buy a home together but what does it look like for unmarried couples who are looking to buy? The number of unmarried couples in the U.S. has nearly tripled over the past twenty years. Just like any other person, they search for a decent place they can stay at for the best/cheapest offer possible. Yes, buying a home is a big milestone but it is easy to be intimidated by the prices especially since housing prices recently have Continue reading Buying a home in 2020: Unmarried couples edition

How are hospitals handling their financials though COVID?

HCA (one of the nation’s largest hospital chains), has decided to pay back six billion dollars in federal pandemic aid, offering the company some financial flexibility it had lost when it took the infusion of cash, according to its executives. On Thursday, they said they would return the roughly estimated $1.6 billion it received in direct relief from the government, and repay its relief loans, causing them to be $4.4 billion ahead of schedule because they felt that it was “appropriate and the socially responsible thing to do.” The company’s finance chief told analysts through a call that the repayment Continue reading How are hospitals handling their financials though COVID?