The Federal Reserve and the Great Recession: Unraveling the Role of Monetary Policy

The 2008 Great Recession rocked the American economy like a seismic wave, unleashing sky-high unemployment rates and an alarming surge in home foreclosures, something the country hadn’t witnessed since the infamous Great Depression. This economic upheaval had its roots in the subprime mortgage meltdown, but its effects extended far beyond just housing. It crept into mutual funds, pensions, and the very corporations holding these shaky securities, creating a domino effect of financial instability that resonated within many households nationwide. Now, a full decade after the recession, and two presidencies later, the impacts are still haunting us. Workers continue to grapple Continue reading The Federal Reserve and the Great Recession: Unraveling the Role of Monetary Policy

Hotel Price Adjustments and Ordering Guidelines

Summer vacation has just ended, and travel is always exciting. But it has to be said that when you arrive at a new destination, the most important thing is not to immediately start enjoying the local food and scenery. Accommodation is always a problem, especially the seasonal fluctuations in hotel prices. Why Adjust Hotel Prices? Same with air ticket price changes. We often book flights that later become cheaper, or conversely, failing to catch the cheapest airfares. It’s not just about charging more during the peak season or lowering prices during the off-season to attract guests. They make adjustments to Continue reading Hotel Price Adjustments and Ordering Guidelines

Tipping Fatigue: Why Americans Say Tipping is Out of Control

It’s 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and like you, thousands of Americans need their midday coffee. You stroll to your local coffee shop and get in the long line. You shuffle forward and order your drink. You know prices have been rising because of inflation, but you are happy to pay 5 dollars for your afternoon latte. You pay and turn to wait for your drink, but suddenly, the barista turns around their iPad, and you are presented with 3 tipping options. Not trying to take up anyone else’s time and fearing that the barista can see your tip, you Continue reading Tipping Fatigue: Why Americans Say Tipping is Out of Control

Ways to Help Increase Sustainability on Campus

On campus, the Cellar is a popular dinner spot known for its pizzas, ice cream, and late hours of operation. A current issue the Cellar is facing is the build-up of waste. Most people order their food “to-go”, getting their food in disposable cardboard pizza boxes and ice cream cups which causes a lot of trash. One way that the Cellar helps promote ordering “for-here” instead of its counterpart, is by offering a 10% discount when you mention you would like your food in-house. Not many people do this, however, and people who eat in-house tend to order “to-go” despite Continue reading Ways to Help Increase Sustainability on Campus

Drug Shortages in the U.S.

The U.S is currently facing one of the worst drug shortages it has ever experienced. As of today, 267 medications are considered to be in a shortage. This includes cancer medications, antibiotics, cough and cold medications, and attention deficit medications such as Adderall. Supply chain failures are partially to blame, but much of the issue ultimately stems from the FDA’s recommended production amounts, which have failed to account for the increased demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because these recommendations are enforced by the DEA, there is very little room for negotiation which leaves consumers holding the short straw if Continue reading Drug Shortages in the U.S.

How did we get here? Healthcare in America

 American healthcare is distinctly different from most other western nations. Employer based healthcare makes healthcare unattainable to many and a constant expense to almost all Americans. How did we come to make healthcare and employment a package deal? In the early 1920’s the first iterations of health insurance came to be as hospitals and doctors formed groups to provide insurance. These insurances are still around today, they are Blue Cross and Blue Shield. These plans were made to make healthcare more accessible as hospitals began turning larger profits, however, these plans were almost exclusively purchased on an individuals personal basis. Continue reading How did we get here? Healthcare in America

A Brief Discussion about UPS and Other Colleges in Post-Pandemic Society

As most Puget Sound students are well aware universities, ours included, have been struggling post pandemic. Enrollment rates are down across the country, and so in turn many universities are struggling to make ends meet. Though undergraduate learning was declining pre pandemic, online learning has accelerated this decline. Nationwide undergraduate enrollment fell by 9.4% between 2020 and 2022. Financially, a little over 60% of colleges saw tuition revenue decline, though these losses are often associated with smaller schools, the big-name Ivy’s saw the same drops in tuition revenue. Colleges rely on tuition as their main source of funding, so these Continue reading A Brief Discussion about UPS and Other Colleges in Post-Pandemic Society

Women in Economics

Most people know about the underrepresentation of women within STEM fields, but most aren’t aware of inequality within the field of economics. Economics is dominated by men with little representation of women as well as racial and ethnic minority groups.  Roughly 25% of all economics faculty are women, with that percentage decreasing to just 15% for full professors. Only about 34% of undergrad economics majors are women. Those percentages have stayed roughly the same since the 90s. One reason for such a lack of representation within the major is that females tend to get discouraged and receive harsher criticism than Continue reading Women in Economics

The Golden Ticket to Solving Homelessness

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, the U.S is currently facing a human welfare crisis as the number of houseless people continues to climb. The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fentanyl epidemic, and a shortage of housing has proved to be a lethal combination that has very effectively displaced over half a million people according to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. This has led to widespread open air drug use, unsanitary public spaces, and mounting pressure on public services to cater to an already needy population. As a result, the financial resources required by municipalities Continue reading The Golden Ticket to Solving Homelessness

Why Gift?

Many people spend huge amounts of time and money trying to come up with that “perfect” gift, but is it worth it? Gifts are a way of connecting individuals to one another. Sentimental gifts given between close parties are highly beneficial as well. These gifts have oftentimes the most thought and care put into them. They may not have the most monetary value but they mean the most to the gifter and receiver. Another way gift-giving is highly beneficial is when a gift is given to a recipient who isn’t in a current position to afford said gift. For example, Continue reading Why Gift?