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Episode 1: Nicky Smit and Cole Driscoll interview Executive Director of Community Engagement & Associate Vice President for Business Services John Hickey about the impact of potential minimum wage increases on the University of Puget Sound.

Episode 2: Miranda Kraus interviews Stand-Up Economist and founder of Carbon Washington Yoram Bauman about efforts to enact a carbon tax in the state.

Episode 3: Nicky Smit and Cole Driscoll discuss consumer spending trends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Episode 4: The economics of Valentine’s Day and other consumerist-holidays are explained, with special guests, sophomore Emily Walker and Professor Andrew Monaco. Hosted by Cole Driscoll and Nicky Smit.

Episode 5: Cole Driscoll interviews UPS alum Keila Meginnis before her seminar talk about her current research and experience in grad school.

Episode 6: Professor Andrew Monaco fills us in on what he’s been up to during his fall sabbatical. Hosted by Tesha Shalon.

Episode 7: Madeleine Elliott and Emily Nadler talk to new Economics faculty member Isha Rajbhandari about her research, women in economics, Korean food, and much more!

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