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Episode 1: Nicky Smit and Cole Driscoll interview Executive Director of Community Engagement & Associate Vice President for Business Services John Hickey about the impact of potential minimum wage increases on the University of Puget Sound.

Episode 2: Miranda Kraus interviews Stand-Up Economist and founder of Carbon Washington Yoram Bauman about efforts to enact a carbon tax in the state.

Episode 3: Nicky Smit and Cole Driscoll discuss consumer spending trends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Episode 4: The economics of Valentine’s Day and other consumerist-holidays are explained, with special guests, sophomore Emily Walker and Professor Andrew Monaco. Hosted by Cole Driscoll and Nicky Smit.

Episode 5: Cole Driscoll interviews UPS alum Keila Meginnis before her seminar talk about her current research and experience in grad school.

Episode 6: Professor Andrew Monaco fills us in on what he’s been up to during his fall sabbatical. Hosted by Tesha Shalon.

Episode 7: Madeleine Elliott and Emily Nadler talk to new Economics faculty member Isha Rajbhandari about her research, women in economics, Korean food, and much more!

New Episodes 2021:

Episode 1: Helen McDonald and Lucy Ogburn break down the market for bulk foods. What is bulk food? How did the bulk food industry come about? What role does it play today in the food system and in our lives?

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