The members of the University of Puget Sound community who contribute regularly to Sound Economics:

Brennan is a third year economics major at the University of Puget Sound.

Sean is a senior IPE major and economics minor at the University of Puget Sound.

Declan is a second year Economics and Business student, focusing on finance at the University of Puget Sound

Ellen is a senior who loves the UPS economics department. She works as a course assistant for intro classes along with being a part of Undergraduate Women in Economics. Some of her favorite classes have been Public Policy, Gender and the Economy, and Game Theory.

Max is an International Business major originally from San Francisco, interested in how financial markets create value for individual firms or vice versa and how consumer behavior plays into the equation.

Sound Economics has published contributions from economics faculty Wade Hands and Garrett Milam. Sound Economics alumni include Tom Merritt, Jared Soares, Morgan Taylor, Holly Ross (2014), Collin Hoover, Ricky Howard, Connor Lennon (2015), Lorraine Black, Nicky Smit, Jordyn McLuen (2016), Gabriel Lennon, Matthew Moreno, Tesha Shalon, Alex Shaw (2017), Max Coleman, Lukie Crowley, Cole Driscoll, Madeleine Elliott, and Kat Tannehill (2018).

Sound Economics is supervised by Andrew Monaco, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Puget Sound.


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  1. The title of your blog’s 12/27/2020 post was:

    401(k)’s are back in action for companies and their employees…or is it?

    The last two words should be changed to ‘are they’ because the subject [401(k)s] is plural.


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