The members of the University of Puget Sound community who contribute regularly to Sound Economics:

Ben is a Senior majoring for a B.S. in Chemistry. Ben is just a generic guy interested in boring things like chess, drawing, exercise. He roughly describes himself as “90% opinions; 10% facts.”

Jack is a sophomore who is a business and Econ major, who plays on the varsity soccer team and is apart of the business Leadership program. He enjoys spending time outdoors and being involved in school events such as sporting, intramural or greek. Jack enjoys talking about pop culture or unrelated topics and putting them in an economic perspective.

Victoria is a senior in the Business Leadership Program with a minor in Economics. She enjoys writing on a variety ​of topics which are grounded in her personal experience​.

Alex is a fourth year economics and business student at the University of Puget Sound, living in the Proctor area of Tacoma with her black lab. She enjoys traveling and cooking vegan meals when not completing coursework towards her majors and humanities emphasis. Inspired by reproductive healthcare and welfare economics, hit her up if you’re hiring!

Sound Economics has published contributions from economics faculty Wade Hands and Garrett Milam. Sound Economics alumni include Tom Merritt, Jared Soares, Morgan Taylor, Holly Ross (2014), Collin Hoover, Ricky Howard, Connor Lennon (2015), Lorraine Black, Nicky Smit, Jordyn McLuen (2016), Gabriel Lennon, Matthew Moreno, Tesha Shalon, Alex Shaw (2017), Max Coleman, Lukie Crowley, Cole Driscoll, Madeleine Elliott, Kat Tannehill (2018), Ellen Knowles, Sean Westbrooke-Wong (2019), and many others.

Sound Economics is supervised by Andrew Monaco, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Puget Sound.

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