Depoliticising the Federal Minimum Wage

In my last blog post, I discussed the possible benefits of raising the federal minimum wage to 15 an hour. I noted that this is a critical discussion to have, and it is also very complicated. Given the issue’s complexity, many people, politicians, and protestors don’t have a complete picture. Instead, individuals rely on the political or physical benefits the minimum wage discussion brings directly to them rather than fully understanding all sides of the issue. While I am by no means different from these people, I hope that this particular blog post will convince you to look at the Continue reading Depoliticising the Federal Minimum Wage

An Awareness of Economic Risk in the Booming Job Market

When talking about the economy, we discuss GDP, inflation, wages, etc. From macro indicators to micro analysis, some data (Employers added 336,000 jobs in September, the strongest gain since January and up sharply from the prior month’s upwardly revised 227,000 gain) in the JOB market can tell us about future trends. However, perfect predictions never exist, and it is crucial to maintain crisis awareness at all times. Affected by COVID-19, the U.S. employment situation has not been optimistic in the past few years. While recent statistics about the U.S. job market paint a rosy picture, anyone familiar with economic history knows that Continue reading An Awareness of Economic Risk in the Booming Job Market

The Art of a Casino

When you look down at the Las Vegas strip, your attention gets caught by the dozens of casinos. It is notorious for its crazy lavish experiences and gambling. Millions of people every year go there to spend lots of money, have a good time, and make some overall bad decisions. When most people leave Las Vegas and look at their bank statements, they are shocked as to how much money they’ve really spent gambling. How is it that Casinos have gotten so good at making you spend your money? When you first step into a casino, you are bombarded with Continue reading The Art of a Casino

Otaku Culture and Economy

Do you hear otaku culture? If not, that totally fine! You definitely know about Anime or Manga. Those things are part of otaku culture! Anime, which are animated TV shows and films, and manga, which are comic books or graphic novels, are indeed the pillars of otaku culture. Popular anime like “Naruto,” “One Piece,” “Attack on Titan,” and “Demon Slayer” have reached audiences far beyond Japan’s borders. Similarly, manga series has seen international success and are often the source material for much popular anime. The term “otaku” originally refers to a person with intense interests, particularly in aspects of popular Continue reading Otaku Culture and Economy

A Quick Snippet of German Labor Laws

Germany has a different system for workers than the US, this is just a quick insight into what rights a normal worker would be entitled to receive. Germans tend to follow the same M-F work week, but on Sundays and public holidays, only necessary workplaces (gas stations, hospitals, police, etc.…) are open. Most grocery stores and all other work are closed. The average working time an employee has can’t exceed 8 hours per day with most employees working 35-40 hours a week. Employees are given a minimum of 20 working days’ vacation per year, but on average receive 25-30. There Continue reading A Quick Snippet of German Labor Laws

Raise the Wage: A Discussion on The Benefits of Raising the Federal Minimum Wage

In my last blog post, I discussed the frustration of tipflation, pointing to a real living wage as a solution. And so, it is paramount that we discuss the Federal minimum wage and the benefits of raising it. Last changed in July of 2009, the Federal minimum wage has remained at a meager $7.25 an hour. But more concerning, The Federal minimum wage is not tied to inflation, meaning Congress must manually raise the wage with a new policy every few years. When we look at the 2007 Federal wage adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage has decreased by 28% Continue reading Raise the Wage: A Discussion on The Benefits of Raising the Federal Minimum Wage