Micro, Macro, and Keanu Reeves: Why you should join the econ department

I have been trying so hard to convince the 101 students I CA for to join the econ department. This is my last attempt to steer them to the world of game theory and IS-LM models.

Looking back on my first year at UPS, I realize I had no idea what economics actually was when I enrolled in the class. I must have thought it had to do with printing money. Thankfully, whatever 19-year-old Rachel had thought encapsulated the world of economics was incredibly wrong, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the class, despite my confusion.

I decided late into that semester that I would I major in economics. The department itself is amazing. The friends I met through econ classes are such genuinely wonderful people and I am so thankful to have them in my life. We’ve studied together, been confused together, celebrated together. I have learned so much from them, both about economics and about how to be a good person. It was a huge blessing to have such smart, fun, and kind classmates.

The faculty is also so supportive. I was honestly dreading econometrics because I struggle with technology and statistics, but Matt Warning worked through the problems with me one at a time until I understood them. Isha Rajbhandari also allowed my group to look at migration patterns of houseless populations in Seattle and the Bay, areas familiar to the UPS student body. I also had the opportunity to work alongside Kate Stirling as her CA, a job that has brought me so much joy (and also a much-needed review of macro. Special thanks to all of Kate’s 101 students! You are fantastic!). Through this job I also finally got to meet the famous Lisa Nunn, our CA advisor, during my last semester! Andrew Monaco also allowed me to complete what is probably my favorite and most bizarre project, a Keanu Reeves-themed dating site called Keanu Connect. He also led the blog class which has become an absolute Friday necessity. Garrett Milam, my first ever econ prof, my academic advisor, and thesis advisor, has supported me through my ups and downs and the many, many times I was confused about a microtheory unit.

The past three-and-a-half years have been quite a ride. Finishing out my undergrad remotely and in the middle of December feels a bit anticlimactic, a little strange. Regardless, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities given to me by the economics department. From volleyball on Todd field to shuffleboard at E9 to genuine care when I was struggling, the econ department has brought me so much happiness during my time at UPS. Now on my last day of class, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the entire department and all of my brilliant classmates. Thank you for making my time at UPS so memorable and wonderful.

So to those undeclared, maybe give econ a try?

About Rachel Kadoshima

Rachel is a senior economics and French language student

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  1. We are so grateful to have had you as a part of our department, Rachel.
    Your contribution is much larger than you imagine, not just in being an outstanding student and an unbelievable CA, but also in the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the social life of the department. We will miss you a lot! Btw, did you see that the NY Times named Keanu one of the top 25 actors of the 21st century (so far)? Some of us just don’t have your insight.

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