How to win a penalty shootout

At the end of this february the two english soccer teams Chelsea Football Club and Liverpool Football club play each other in a well known final for the domestic English Football cup. The game was filled with immense action full of missed opportunities, incredible saves and multiple offsides. The game due to this continued into overtime as both teams were unable to finish their chances and put the game away. After two additional 15 minute halves of overtime the game was to be decided by a penalty shootout. Chelsea here made an interesting decision. Their Goalkeeper Eduard Mendy, was subbed Continue reading How to win a penalty shootout

Sanctions in English Football

Chelsea Football Club is a historical English club that has been a prominent force in English and European football for 20 years. The club was founded 114 years ago but was given extreme capital in 2006 due to a financial takeover by the Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich. The “Russian oil money,” as typically stated in slanderous remarks by rival fans, allowed the club to splash large quantities of cash on stadium upgrades, new transfers, and development in their youth team, enabling them to cultivate young and exciting talent as well as bringing in the new and prominent names. However, this Continue reading Sanctions in English Football

Managing Procrastination

We all struggle with time management, from putting off going to the gym or doing one’s homework to getting one more episode of your favorite Netflix show in or folding that last load of laundry. When looking at why we procrastinate, it can be found that statistically that 20 percent of adults are chronic procrastinators. This dilemma can be seen in the understanding that if we find a task difficult, unpleasant, or adverse, we tend to avoid them to get the most utility out of a situation in economic terms. This idea is usually becoming relevant since one cannot manage certain Continue reading Managing Procrastination

2022 Economics Thesis Presentations!

March 3, 2022 brought a final culmination of the economics major degree for 26 hardworking seniors. After four years of modeling markets, laughing and crying through courses, and surprising ourselves with our abilities through exams, we presented our Fall 2021 thesis projects to our friends, families, and Puget Sound community. Many completed through econometrics and the remaining macro-based theory, the full variety of thesis presentations can be seen here: Myself and 10 other students had the pleasure of completing our theses under the guidance of Professor Matthew Warning. Through data focused collaborations with our own focused topics, our Fall 2021 Continue reading 2022 Economics Thesis Presentations!

Economics of reality TV show dating

Reality Television shows are a genre that have been prevalent in our society for decades now, being attractive due to their intrigue and drama. As we have progressed from the early days of the Bachelor and Married at First Sight, new shows have created new premises that have involved and made more game theory applications and new ways to model scenarios. Too Hot to Handle is a British dating show that blew up over the 2020 period of COVID. The premise of the show is they get a group of physically attractive individuals together and put them in a scenario Continue reading Economics of reality TV show dating

Economic Benefit of Modern Manufacturing Flaws

Why Has the Small Dent in my Hood Left Me with an Indefinite Rental?  It was a fateful chilly morning in the beginning of January 2022 when my beloved Ford Taurus experienced what I consider a punch to the face; she was backed into by a CRV with a large spare tire on the back. Although it didn’t appear as extensive external damage, a crunched hood and broken grille begged to differ. I brought her to the nearest trusted body shop later that day who gave me words of advice I will always appreciate- go through insurance and expect it Continue reading Economic Benefit of Modern Manufacturing Flaws