Cameo: The B-Lister’s Paradise

Cameo is a social media platform in which people get to interact with their favorite celebrities or influencers. You can either chat with or get a personalized video message from your favorite talent. However, there is a catch – and a pricey one at that. Celebrities and influencers using the app set prices for fans to interact with them, and many of them have made a pretty penny with this feature. The celebrities using this app have been seen charging anywhere between $5- $2500 per video, of which Cameo gets a 25% cut. 

We can see many celebrities posting very bold prices for personal videos, such as Tom Felton, who started off by charging a $288 fee for a personalized video. This garnered him much criticism, but not enough to convince him to lower his price. Instead, within the last month, Felton increased his fee to the ambitious price of $499–which many of his fans are still willing to pay. This seems like a pretty good way for the Harry Potter star to make some money, considering he has not starred in any major blockbusters within the past few years. We can see many other B-lister celebrities such as Dr. Oz ($500), Caitlyn Jenner ($2,500), Elijah Wood ($225), Alice Cooper ($300), Carol Baskin ($299), Vanessa Morgan ($125), and Ice Cube ($500) using this app as well.

The Company also has contributed to the labor force by employing over 130 people. So far, the app has accumulated over 69,000 videos since launching in 2017. Cameo has reported making tens of thousands of dollars in 2019 and has raised $65 million in funding from investors. The young platform seems to only be growing in popularity as more celebrities join the app to stay connected with their fans, and with this means big gains for their wallets and the app’s revenue. 

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  1. Elijah Wood a b-lister? That makes me feel really old. But at $225, maybe a steal!

    Social media profit opportunities abound, I guess. Clever.

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