Why College-Educated Women Can’t Find love

The dating gap for women who are looking for love is a real thing. The modern world and the influences of technology have changed what is valued when it comes to finding a partner, and while technology has improved the lives of many individuals, it still seems as though heterosexual, well-educated women still remain to be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding love online. When searching for ‘Mr. Right,’ many women who are college-educated with a degree tend to seek and find it important to be with partners that have similar educational credentials. The problem then comes to be that because the ratio of educated men to women in life is not equal, not everyone will be able to find a partner. Meaning, that there are just not enough educated men for women to go around. In the U.S for example, for every 3 men there are 4 women which can cause a significant problem when it comes to the dating market, there are going to be well-educated women who can’t find a partner with similar qualifications because they simply do not exist. It is like a supply and demand model. For the purpose of our discussion, let’s assume the product in question is a partner with the assumption that the partners being targeted are college-educated men by college educated women. If the dating market is filled with educated women who do not prefer dating non-educated-college, then a large number of individuals (college-educated women) will have a partner (non-college-educated men). Essentially, because everyone (college-educated women) can easily find a partner. Demand, in this case, will be low but supply will be high, everyone will have someone. On the other hand, if educated college women only prefer college educated men only some individuals will be able to find partners because the supply of those type of men are extremely low. Demand in this case will be high but supply would be low. Moreover other factors that reduce the pool for educated women is that some men, in general, are less likely to primarily look for partners in their educational levels. For them, this attribute is not a factor. This may be due to traditional ideas about gender roles. Meaning, that educational levels for few men does not matter when it comes to meeting their prefect match. This then, further indicate that highly educated men may date women with less academic experience, causing a further reduction of eligibly well-educated men for women who are college educated in seek of that companionship. What is then the solution to this?

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  1. I have three college degrees, I’m an author, I speak three languages, I have a reputable job and I’m finding that it’s not the education, but some common sense and basic skills. It’s not about your college degree, but if you don’t know how to dress appropriately for an event, how to dance with a woman or have basic table manners I simply can’t be bothered. I recently went on a blind date with someone with a masters degree to a beautiful event and I almost asked him to go home and change or at least shower, then I thought about just getting it over with and not to worry about having to see him again. Another gentleman I was interested in I met at an event, again college educated, spoke a couple of languages and proceeded to lick every one of his fingers as he enjoyed his appetizers at the cocktail table; I was horrified! And the dancing, don’t get me started…not only do men not know how, but they don’t want to be bothered to learn. All my life, it’s been the same thing, all the ladies get up and dance together at parties. It’s fun, however that gets old. To all the women in the world, do us all a favor and teach your kids some table manners, send them to dance lessons and have them dress nicely every now and then.

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