Run the Ball!

I will admit, that being someone who was born and raised in Seattle, this weekend’s football game was a little upsetting. I lived through the disappointment that the Mariners of the early oughts brought with them when they lost, twice in a row, to the Yankees, forever cementing them (and possibly the entire state) as some kind of evil empire in my young mind. So it will likely come as no surprise that around 6:30 pm on Sunday I had all kinds of colorful language for Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell and pretty much anything I saw when Russell Wilson, with Continue reading Run the Ball!

Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!

College is a promise land offering a wealth of academic, extra-cirricular, and professional opportunities. It’s the time of your life when you can create new experiences, juggle your interests, and form your identity. But for student athletes, this idea of “you can do it all” is often an unattainable reality due to the time crunch required by sports. I’m sure Division I student athletes everywhere have reflected on their hard work and commitment to their sports and have wondered, “man, I should get paid for this”. While playing sports is a passion, it’s morphed from an extra-cirricular activity to a full Continue reading Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!

Fantasy Economics

Bored with your fantasy football league? Ever considered switching its basis in sport out for something more exciting, like economics? This not-so-common fantasy of fantasy economics turns out to be a reality. It’s called the IDEAS Fantasy League  The league functions just like a fantasy football league except that instead of simulating a sports franchise, the league “allows you to pretend you are at the helm of an economics department.” The goal is essentially to stuff your team with economists whose publications receive the most attention: downloads, abstract views, and citations in other publications. Some interesting nuggets from the rules of Continue reading Fantasy Economics