What a College Football Player is Worth According to Market Value

Business Insider recently released a study that estimated the value of a college football player if they were considered to be on the free market like you might see in the National Football League (NFL). The way that they were able to calculate the value was using the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the NFL in which the players receive 47% of the total revenue gathered. Business Insider then split the revenue between the players and the college and divided evenly across all of the players with scholarships (85 of them). The photo below shows the value of each player for bigger universities Continue reading What a College Football Player is Worth According to Market Value

Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!

College is a promise land offering a wealth of academic, extra-cirricular, and professional opportunities. It’s the time of your life when you can create new experiences, juggle your interests, and form your identity. But for student athletes, this idea of “you can do it all” is often an unattainable reality due to the time crunch required by sports. I’m sure Division I student athletes everywhere have reflected on their hard work and commitment to their sports and have wondered, “man, I should get paid for this”. While playing sports is a passion, it’s morphed from an extra-cirricular activity to a full Continue reading Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!