College: At What Cost?

On March 5th, 50 people were prosecuted for paying extravagant bribes so their children can get into well know, elite colleges. The most famous of these 50 include Mossimo Giannulli, his wife Lori Loughlin who is Aunt Becky in “Full House,” and Felicity Huffman. There were two ways that these bribes worked. The first would be to improve their child’s SAT or ACT scores and the other would be to manipulate the requirements the children had to meet to get into specific schools. William Singer organized this fraud as the CEO of a college prep business called The Edge College Continue reading College: At What Cost?

Is There a Student Loan Bubble in the Not-So-Distant Future?

Take a look at this ticker. Student loan debt is increasing by $2700 a second, with over $1.3 trillion American student loan debt (when I last checked). I’ve been wearing my student loan tin foil hat and ranting about a bubble for a couple years now. Think about it: 70% of students are graduating with some amount of debt and college attendance is increasing by about 0.3% a year since 2009. On average students are graduating with $35,000 in loans. The bachelor’s degree is now argued to be the new high school diploma. Being employable now depends heavily on your education, the higher the better – Continue reading Is There a Student Loan Bubble in the Not-So-Distant Future?

Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!

College is a promise land offering a wealth of academic, extra-cirricular, and professional opportunities. It’s the time of your life when you can create new experiences, juggle your interests, and form your identity. But for student athletes, this idea of “you can do it all” is often an unattainable reality due to the time crunch required by sports. I’m sure Division I student athletes everywhere have reflected on their hard work and commitment to their sports and have wondered, “man, I should get paid for this”. While playing sports is a passion, it’s morphed from an extra-cirricular activity to a full Continue reading Thesis Corner: Pay Those Players!

A Major Decision

Registration and advising appointments for second semester are on the docket here at Puget Sound. In fact, I just signed up for one myself. I expect to discuss what classes I want to take next semester and how they fit into my overall academic plan. We will probably touch on my intended major and make sure I’m still on track to achieve it. In discussing my academic plan, I expect to be asked about how well I am doing in my classes and how much I enjoy them. This is how the discussion went in September. And also, judging from Continue reading A Major Decision